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AC 210- Ch 1 Notes

by: Allison Ernst

AC 210- Ch 1 Notes AC 210

Allison Ernst
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Intro to Accounting
Joshua Little

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About this Document

Notes from 1/19 & 1/21
Intro to Accounting
Joshua Little
Class Notes




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allison Ernst on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AC 210 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Joshua Little in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 459 views. For similar materials see Intro to Accounting in Accounting at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
x Basn c Accountn39na Equation A99 615 Liabilities 90 Kh0ider Eqv Ragwst owned necovrces owed 0 b7 COmPanY ctcdtto a grocxholdcr AW resource controlled DY the commm39 expcaed to benefit company bY Hodan Lam mnows 0r ranCine ovmow EX cash eurpu cg eaw39Pment softwarq inventory Uabih e measurable amovms me company owes 10 crednors ND re Payava commn Fromm 1o rcmr bank long term ACCOUm Payable PurChascs made vcma crcdftjghor c Wm games and Wages Payable Wagwages for employees Taxes Favabw 39taxe to governmem STbCKhoideIS39 Eqwm Owners mm on he bUCI39nc e Hum Common cfoCK or Q remained Earnl nes Common STOCK amounts owners conm bmd dihewym company Retained Earnm99 amounts company earned from rn tabte DUSIhe s DPCfa 39Ons 1K Revenvec 7 chrholder39s Equity Ex Perm Net mme 39 common 9me N Rammed EaranQ wa39dends Revenues earned by gamma goods or gervrccs ansag an 0415 of bv mef mat arc newwsaour to cam reVenves 39 incwrcd carving me To at cm Ex adveriisma virlr es rent swarmswages insurance of ce gvPPn es NCt Income From 99mqu mqgasc QtOCKthders 94W can be Wt 10 acwmwate or 9021 am To grocxholdcr DMdendg Divfdcrysma fgqluggmexfp cr nCWCd in genequ Earnings reroned a9 redVC On in rammed commas 74 Aww menus mwww mmww nwWM WWW m A r 7 Exmcf Assets unyquf 5199 Eav39tv Mm quotwww mw quot 9 w l e e V i quotmquot 5 MWW nominee g l i 3 WW 1atemcn1 3Repng The amoum of revenveg 0099 exeenscs For a Period 0F time REVENUES EXPENSES NET Nomi UN I 0 measure a svmf 39on39 Begum 0F bvcine e ac w39 eg mum be reform in aPPrDPrI atc moneer umL Accountsquot ACCUWWC and WW me effect of cam aimrent busmeg aw w tr Income 60aemenx Nhen Revenveg 0 60mg Revmve 9 0000 Rmvmg SGNKC Revenue 5099 R E N Tomi Revenves 12000 1200040000 2000 Emmet u H Swa39iewaees Emma 5000 f f 7 Rem mme A A 20300 010000005 U ti f cs me f f f 0900 Wanco wense 300 if Adycnscme meme I 7 mo Inc00ne 10003000006 r 500 Tow Exvenccs 00000 quotUNBUDW V 2000 w W Singwetquot in ch STmemBWHDWS mm mm 00m WWCG and WPOHE 00 900000 measure 00 income WTBMCM of 2th Earnings perms me mm mm 001 income and me chmMon of dividends feeted he fl39nana al 909W 0 The company dorm W W0quot v lt m K A A EE iNNtNG RE NET NCOME my perm B VIDENDSOMS Penbd ENDING RE quot Athf 39WGuny Sm mmem of Retained Eamm X m When Remmed Eammes 391 W5 40 Ne Income 2000 1569 RE N D EMJRE waenos gm 0 2000 W 0 Reiw ned Eman 013016 M Ewan th r newts me amoum of 0m Habih fciand gmxhomerc eaufb39 M a wanes u a Point in ne Egg19 LIABIUTIES swoomoweas semi 39k recel39vabm ac et Balance 9mm vmamquot amW NM Assets Cash W U Accovms Rgcewabte w A USE mm V e f e E 3WOD zsswmnov MUabs39Imfcs and Smkholdm Eaum Ll abm39m I MW WW W mm am W Wk H mm 1 190w Sibffh999 9 91 f l Wu 39 4 039000 mm mm A mm Twww LJEylftjw 5106 1383 NW A u A NH m m fy M www van q a M g cam Floats Reruns the WWW MWM and WW Eff Z E 1W f m Rngrsggr in cash mum me mad AW DYERMING 01er W m h NVEQMNG CASH FLows I j HNANUNG CASH Howl CHANGE N CASH 55 H e V f H V 4 BeemNme mm I W6 cm I lut v v ff mamai m t menfr Isa comfomm m Wmhg V on the W599 shut 4


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