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GEOG 150 Week 2 Notes

by: Katie Notetaker

GEOG 150 Week 2 Notes GEOG 121

Marketplace > Ball State University > GEOG 121 > GEOG 150 Week 2 Notes
Katie Notetaker
Geography of the Cultural Environment

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About this Document

Notes for anyone who is taking Global Geography with Professor Allen
Geography of the Cultural Environment
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie Notetaker on Tuesday January 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 121 at Ball State University taught by in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 01/26/16
I Small in land area HE39S L351 I 1 size of the U S if you included part of Russia It would be 23 ending where The arrow quot s pointing I Europe has a higher latitude than most of the US I Countries are in close proximity to other realms 0 Because of this it played a major role in European history I Many breakthroughs in history happened because of this EUI OpC has four Peninsulas Scandinavian Peninsula A J ELEVATION m METERS 39 2000 4000 500 2000 0200 BSIUW sea level fFaroe Islands 9mm 39 2 She andlslands i 0 our w 3 r quotA 1 air yar39mey Islands quot35 75 RUSSIA JutlandPeninsula 5 ipliiqy 39x 1533713 i S Hill ALGERIA 2015 Pearson Educatio Iberian Peninsula Balkan Peninsula Physical Geography of Europe Landscapes 30quot 20quot 10quot 0quot 10quot 20quot 30quot EUROPE39S PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES Q Western Uplands l North European 39 Lowland M39 Central Uplands Alpine System 60 Canal 0 250 500 Kibn39leters e o 100200300Mitas 339 J77 wo39 F 905 8 b39 A 7 v l 50 3 f f 399 F I 3 ham v Europe squot LowI m yam 2 39 r x 0 J5 VV M 0 f We J 1 W quot7T 39 39 B39ack 593 do pf quot l 1quot 40 iquot M KEY V 1 x M030 39 ALGE TUNISIA Malta prus CCO RIA I Crete 0 A of 39 10quot Lzz39aimi 20 30 J Pangea led to the Creation of the Western Uplands 39 Located towards the North around the Scandinavian Peninsula Ireland Iceland and parts of the UK Spain and France 39 Uplands are related to the Appalachians mountains in the US 0 Share same physical features Alpine System are the youngest mountains 39 Formed by the Eurasian Plate 0 Caused by conversion of tectonic plates Human Geography I Most People live near the coast I gt I i s I 1302 v quot397 quotAv a 39b a I g I 23quot l 1 1 z 39 V l H quot l 39 A J may 39 t A 39 w a quot3 r r x I l 1 v v Persons per sq km sq mi 0ver100 0ver260 50 100 130260 1049 25 129 19 3 24 Under1 UnderS 7 o o Capitals and cities 1 million and over 0 Capitals under1 million l 0 Human son 39 392 n zv Marsel e MONA Barcelona ile n 39 cm Rabat Beirut t Figure 46 World Regional Geography Third Edition 2006 W HFreeman and Company Climate Geography Three Climate types I Humid Continental 0 Seasons are more identifiable I Large Range in temperature moderate precipitation I Mediterranean 0 Hot dry summers 0 Moderate wetter summers 0 Suitable for Farming I This is caused by alternating effects of high pressure and then westerly winds 0 How the create effect I The Sub Saharan African winds travel upward during the summer months I Explains why streets are narrower I In winter the High pressure moves back south and Westerly Winds replace it m CLIMATE TYPE 3 Subpoiar and polar Marine west coast Humid continental I Mediterranean Bicycle trek mute inhfvittuasml s sm BELARUS GER nrtm39 twang Q 39 UKRAINE 39 4 z r 5 3 5 3 r x d I Ra mm Seen here the high pressure starts here I 739 V 1 1 v a TURKEY near the wintertime One can see how the i I 1 9 high pressure moves LGERIA TUngl from Africa up to the Mediterranean 2015 Pearson Educatio Inc 39 Marine West Coast 0 Has more rainy days than any of Europe 0 Provides Moderate temperatures 0 Overcast skies drizzles common 0 This is caused by the North Atlantic Drift Or Gulf Stream as called in the US 39 Makes Northwestern Europe warmer than usual quot J quott 2015 Pearson Education Inc European Culture and Society Religion I x I V i Rgtmx EL39G39W 39 Significant it Roman Catholicism Eastern Orthodoxy v 4 39rk39tgw Protestantism quot Border between 39 z Europeans are Christian1y Former Jewish Pale r of Settlement 39 nonreligious I Islam Balkans 2 0 Growing Muslim A population in many countries I Because of the high Muslim growth nationalist movements have started up I Christianity 0 Split in three parts I Eastern Orthodoxy East Southeast Europe I Roman Catholicism Central Mediterranean Europe I Protestantism Northern Europe 0 Reasons for different types of Christianity I Political I Geographical I Cultural 0 These differences cause the Great Schism 0 Didn t start in Europe I Origins are in the Middle East around Israel W itrrrnv 2015 Pearson Education Inc Another map showing areas of nonreligion in Europe OCEAN 0 300 ATLANTIC 739 0 100 200 300 400 500 mi Q we 7 x I39 A i I TUF e an rimWV ediie ro v y North Africa 600 km Sea Figure 313 The Human Mosaic Tenth Edition 2006 W H Freeman and Company Most highly secularized areas 70 of population Highly secularized areas 50 70 of population E Moderately secularized areas 35 50 of population Areas where religion is most highly practiced 95 100 of population D Religion highly practiced 90 95 of population Areas of moderate quot 39 religious strength 75 90 of population If Transitional areas 39 neither much secularized nor notable as devout Language Taxonomy Language Family IndoiEuropean l SubiGroup of Family Germanic 3 main groups I Slavic Eastern Southeastern I Romance Southern Western I Germanic Central Northern Language Ethish H alect Midwestern Other pockets of Indo European language I Celtic Greek Baltic These languages don t belong to the Indo European family I Basque Hungarian Finnish Estonian Map of the Languages in Europe I Major linguistic subfamily or family border Major language border Alphabet divide Slavic Germanic Romanic Other IndoEuropean I NonIndoEuropean 39 150 300M133 39 I 150 300 aJ AN if x 2015 Pearson Education Inc


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