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Biology II Notes: Week 3

by: Murry

Biology II Notes: Week 3 Bio 1144

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Biology > Bio 1144 > Biology II Notes Week 3
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About this Document

This is the last section of notes that will be covered in the first exam. Class Mammalia is discussed as well as some exam tips for the first test. As always, important terms are highlighted.
Biology II
Thomas Holder
Class Notes
Biology, mammals, mammalia, humans, primates
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Murry on Tuesday January 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 1144 at Mississippi State University taught by Thomas Holder in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 347 views. For similar materials see Biology II in Biology at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 01/26/16
Biology II Notes: Week 3 Class Mammalia (mammals)  Over 6000 species  Most likely had a reptilian ancestor (before birds)  Most complex and advanced group of animals; humans are the most advanced  Size range: 1.5 grams (a bat in South America) to 100,000 kg (blue whale)  Mammals can be fish­like (dolphins, whales), bird­like (bats), or reptile­like  (mammals that lay eggs like platypus)  Hair and the thickest integument ­ endothermic; provides insulation  Mammary glands – milk glands for nursery young  Heterodont dentition – the condition of having different kinds or types of teeth o Incisory, canines, premolars, and molars  Thecodont dentition – condition where long, rooted teeth are embedded in sockets in  the jawbones (crocodiles also have this)  Diphyodont Dentition – have 2 sets of teeth in a lifetime (milk/baby teeth replaced by adult teeth)  Increased skull size relative to body size, specifically the brain case. Humans have  brain to spinal cord ratio of 55:1 – the largest ratio of any group of vertebrates   Pinna – a flap of cartilage and loose connective tissue to funnel sound waves into the  outer ear o 3 middle ear ossicles – tiny bones that conduct vibrations such as sound waves  Dentary – the large single bone in the lower jaw; big and potentially heavy; have  attachments for cheek muscles; fossilizes very well  Viviparous (except for 3 species) and have a placenta   Order Primates o Grasping digits on all 4 limbs o Flattened face o Nails rather than claws A platypus lays o Binocular vision – eyes on flat part of face eggs. o Complex learning behaviors o Enhanced sense of touch (relates to hair) o Enhanced parental investment of offspring; humans have the longest length of care o Sense of vision is more important/more advanced than sense of smell.  o Larger ratio of brain to body size than any other order o Humans:  Kingdom Animalia  Phylum Chordata  Subphylum Vertebra  Class Mammalia  Order Primates  Suborder Anthropoidea  Superfamily Hominoidea  Family Hominidae  Subfamily Homininae  Genus Homo   Species Homo sapiens (wise human) o See figures 32.3 and 33.8 in textbook for phylogenetic tree and animal group  comparisons END OF MATERIAL FOR EXAM 1 EXAM TIPS  Bring at least 2 pencils  Bring as little material as possible (try not to bring backpack)  Need MSU ID  All electronics turned off  Don’t come in late  Start studying NOW  Read question and all the answer choices


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