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Political Science Module 1 Notes

by: Savannah Tucker

Political Science Module 1 Notes PS 101

Marketplace > University of Kentucky > Political Science > PS 101 > Political Science Module 1 Notes
Savannah Tucker
American Government
Stephen Voss

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About this Document

These notes cover the materials provided by Professor Stephen Voss. They include Module Notes, Vocabulary, and annotations of the Articles mentioned in the reading.
American Government
Stephen Voss
Class Notes
political science, Voss, PS101
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Savannah Tucker on Tuesday January 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PS 101 at University of Kentucky taught by Stephen Voss in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see American Government in Political Science at University of Kentucky.


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Date Created: 01/26/16
Thursday January 21 2016 A Conceptual Approach to the American Political System Module 1 11 Selection Bias Selection Effects Vocabulary Population a finite or infinite collection of items under consideration all members of a group being observed Relevance Scientists often wish to study things no numerous that it is impossible to observe them all a population is the entire group under consideration that must be represented with a sample a smaller subset of a population Sample a smaller subset of a population Relevance a sample must be representative of the population being taken under consideration or it will suffer from selection bias It is much smaller group of the larger population being studies in hopes that the inferences made about the smaller group will apply to the larger group as well Representative in a statistical sense describes a sample that represents the opinions of larger population Relevance Scientists hope that the voters sampled for a survey give answers comparable to that all voters would say that way they have information that is true to the entire population Randomization the random selection of individuals to take part in a study Relevance Randomization increases the likelihood that the sample will be representative of the population If one voter recommended another a voter who int urn recommends a third the results would be skewed birds of a feather flock together Selection Bias When data suffers to a sample that is not representative of the population yielding inaccurate conclusions Also called Selection Effects Relevance Professor Voss s ratings on Rate my Professor are skewed because they are written by voluntary participants making them bias Thursday January 21 2016 12 Great Man Theory Celebrity Bias Vocabulary Behavioralism the theory that human and animal behavior can be explained in terms of conditioning without appeal to thoughts or feelings and that psychological disorders are best treated by altering behavior patterns Relevance Political Science tends to be dominated by Behavioralism as opposed to the influences of great historical figures The Great Man Theory 121 Shays Rebellion Shays Rebellion a rebellion taking place in Western Massachusetts in 19861787 farmers protested taxes and debt enforcement not actually led by Daniel Shay his name simply put a face on the rebellion Relevance The rebellion scared leaders of every state into attending the Constitutional Convention where they would draft the first copy of the United States Constitution unifying the country


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