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(P Sc 1113) Week 2 lecture, slides, readings, and discussion

by: .

(P Sc 1113) Week 2 lecture, slides, readings, and discussion P SC 1113

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > P SC 1113 > P Sc 1113 Week 2 lecture slides readings and discussion
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American Federal Government
Dr. Gary Copeland

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About this Document

Vocabulary and key ideas from week 2
American Federal Government
Dr. Gary Copeland
Class Notes
american federal government




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by . on Tuesday January 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to P SC 1113 at University of Oklahoma taught by Dr. Gary Copeland in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 34 views.


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Date Created: 01/26/16
American Federal Government 1113090 Week 2 Sumup of slides and lecture discussion and readings gt Our government was made for gridlock the founders got the US they wanted life wo governing force who gets the meat violence resolves con icts over resources at some point humans made deals social contracts if you let me be boss I ll give you enough to survive feudal society social contracts are constitutions the law of the land Provides power to gov as well as limits it the legitimacy of the US constitution comes from the people the 13 states in the Articles of Confederation trusted legislative elected officials rather than king appointed executives After about a decade this stopped working we needed a government This is when the constitution began they wanted just enough government ability to raise taxes etc so colonists included a list of limits in const people entitled to public trial separation of pwr checks and balances prohibitions etc E g Legislative checks house impeaches executive and judicial senate convicts those impeached Exec impeach and remove federal judges gt if men were angels we would need no gov if government were made up of angels we would be fine as well but checks and balances are needed bc of human nature lets use human nature to our advantage human nature calls upon people to protect the const gives ability to gov to protect Focus question can human nature be suppressed Are we more inherently good or bad What does this mean for government and allocation of authority given to the states for the states not national gov 10m amendment actually laid out in the constitution given to national gov national and state goes share these both nat And state govs have their own levels of authority sometimes referred to as layer cake federalism bc the fed and state powers are separate like cake layers Ed and state govs should work together to solve problems as a unit marble cake federalism Roosevelt s new deal era helped cooperative federalism Discussion topic 128 Federalists wanted the constitution believed in strong national gov and elite officials and were mostly wealthy citizens Antifederalists opposed the constitution and believed that state governments and the common man should have most authority They wanted to outline individual liberties in the Bill of Rights Mostly laborers Federalism a system of powers of the gov divided amongst federal central and state government then local gov Sovereignty the powers given to govern within a nation gt how much do we give to central gov how much to state gov The Articles of Confed while it stood 17811789 did not give enough to central gov gt Thus the US Constitution was made to give central gov more power with certain restrictions Federalist No 51 stated that The US Constitution would work be central gov would protect state govs Fed No 32 ability of taxation would go to both central and state govs grant pwr to national gov before any other type of gov grant pwr to local govs and the citizens before central gov Relationships between cooperative and dual federalism observed Reagan wanted to give more power to the states through devolution Clinton wanted cooperative federalism and pushed Dolicv experiments to help with edu and welfare outreach with the states Obama regulated nationally health care under his Affordable Care Act and allowed each state to willingly accept or deny Medicaid expansion Famous C SGS t0 kl lOWZ gt US v Windsor same sex unions considered marriage federal benefits McCulloch v Maryland should congress be able to charter a fed bank can states tax it 1819 Gibbons v Ogden bc federal ruling is necessary for unity states are not granted the power to regulate commerce


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