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Science of Human Nutrition

by: Layne Henwood

Science of Human Nutrition 23511

Layne Henwood
GPA 3.4
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Science of Human Nutrition
Carmen Blakely-Adams

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About this Document

Week 2 notes, no notes were taken during Week 1.
Science of Human Nutrition
Carmen Blakely-Adams
Class Notes




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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Layne Henwood on Wednesday January 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 23511 at Kent State University taught by Carmen Blakely-Adams in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 228 views. For similar materials see Science of Human Nutrition in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Kent State University.

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Date Created: 01/27/16
Key N utrltlon Concepts amp Terms Wednesday January 27 2016 1101 AM Nutrition De nition Study of foods their nutrients and other chemical constituents and the effects that food constituents have on health 0 Impact it has on health A quotMelting Potquot Science 0 People want to eat what they want 0 Nutrition is all about math a quantitative science Research based how to know what is best for you c The dietician needs to know what the doctor knows Nutrition Knowledge is Applicable Detoxing is vey common 0 Body does it on its own for free 0 A variety of diet helps to detoxify the body 0 Knowing basic knowledge about nutrition will help you know what is true and false Food is a Basic Need of Humans Only time you don39t need to worry about eating is when you39re dead 0 Learn how to eat in a social setting Key Terms 0 Food security 0 Access to safe food that is nutrient packed o Suf cient supply of food Food insecurity 0 Not having an adequate amount of safe and nutrient packed food Calorie 0 Unit of measure of the amount of energy supplied by food 0 Get energy through calories from foods we eat 0 Calculated scienti cally Food Terrorism Nutrients o What we need for our body to sustain good health 0 Six categories carbohydrates vitamins fats minerals fats water 0 Carbohydrates 2 different kinds 0 Simple have more fat cake cookies carbonated beverages raise blood sugar faster Complex fruit vegetables pasta whole grains cereal want more complex than simple 0 Proteins Important in muscle building exibility wound healing Quinoa hummus chicken etc o Fats Saturated fats solid at room temp not good for you Shortening butter lard unsaturated fats liquid at room temp Olive oil canola oil peanut oil etc o 2 unsaturated fats not good for you 0 Coconut oil needs to be consumed in moderation high in saturated fat Palm kernel oil use to be used in movie theatre popcorn o Vitamins amp Minerals Fat soluble vitamins B and C soluble vitamins Humans require 15 minerals in their diet 0 Water 0 Most adults need about 1115 cups a day 0 More won39t hurt you 0 Certain diseases that can not consume the daily amount 1115 because it can cause death 0 Severe heart failure Kidney disease end stage 0 Liver disease end stage may even need to be on a uid restriction Phytochemicals 0 Provide color and taste to plants 0 Foods high in this can be high in antioxidants Antioxidants 0 Help repair damaged cells Nonessential nutrients o Substances required for normal growth and health that the body can manufacture in suf cient amounts from other sources in the diet 0 Do not have to worry about eating them body will make them Essential nutrients o Substances required by the body that the body cannot produce and must be obtained in the diet 0 Must get them from the foods you eat 0 Can have de ciencies for lack of something in diet Scurvy is vitamin C de ciency Unit of measure 0 1 kg kilogram 22 lbs pounds 1000 grams 0 1b 16 02 454 grams 0 1 oz 28 grams Metabolism 0 Maintain normal cell health and function 0 Chemical changes happening inside and outside of cells 0 Need to eat in order to keep metabolism high 0 Exercise is necessary to keep metabolism high Essential Nutrient Requirements Height weight age gender all determine nutritional needs Different for everybody Recommended dietary allowances RDAs 0 Based on age gender and condition 0 Recommended to prevent de ciency disease Dietary reference intakes DRls o What else you need to prevent de ciency 0 Revised every 10 years Adequate intake Als Estimated Average requirements EARs Tolerable upper intake levels ULs 0 Estimates the E upper intake levels 0 Should not take too much of nutrients because body can become toxic


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