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Poli 362, Week 2 Notes

by: Rachel Stein

Poli 362, Week 2 Notes Poli 362 001

Rachel Stein
GPA 3.8
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About this Document

This includes in class notes from both a speaker and lectures.
Politics and the Mass Media
Donald Fowler
Class Notes
political science




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Stein on Wednesday January 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Poli 362 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Donald Fowler in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Politics and the Mass Media in Political Science at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 01/27/16
In  Class  Speaker:  Mignon  Clyburn  –  Member  of  Federal  Communications  Committee     • 3  legal  advisors  on  the  phone     • Overview  of  key  issues  on  Media  horizon:   o Incentive  auction   ▯ 2012  congress  enacted  spectrum  act   • Spectrum  Act:  The  lifeblood  of  every  form  of  wireless   communication.     • Spectrum  is  a  finite  resource     • Biggest  holder  of  spectrum  is  the  National  Government   • Part  of  jobs  act   ▯ Authorized  FCC  to  conduct  a  broadcast  incentive  auction     • Made  of  2  separate  but  interdependent  auctions   o 1  broadcast  based:  determines  how  much  money  they   would  get   o Forward  option:  how  much  companies  are  willing  to   pay  for  flexible  use  of  high  speed  wireless  services   ▯ Wireless  providers  will  have  an  easier  time  for  5G   • Support  job  and  economic  growth   ▯ Only  commercial  and  non  commercial  stations,  (AS  OF  THE  DATE   OF  ENACTMENT  OF  ACT)  are  allowed  to  participate  in  reverse   auction     • Low  power  stations  are  not  protected   ▯ FOX,  CBS,  UNIVISION,  and  others  have  all  stated  they  are   considering  participating     th ▯ Auction  is  scheduled  to  begin  March  29     ▯ Participation  is  voluntary     ▯ Every  reasonable  effort  must  be  made  so  that  individuals  don’t  lose   TV  stations     ▯ Launched  a  website  on  Jan  8  to  provide  information  to  companies   and  the  public     ▯ After  auction  the  spectrum  will  be  transitioned  to  wireless   providers     o Upcoming  video  programming  notice  of  inquiry     ▯ Important  as  we  move  from  TVs  to  other  types  of  screens     ▯ Force  program  bundling:  hurt  independent  programs     ▯ What  role  should  commission  take  in  helping  independent   programmers     o Online  Public  File  Proceeding   ▯ Any  candidates  request  for  political  advertisements   ▯ Should  have  access  to  stations  and  ad  sponsor  information   ▯ FCC  required  stations  to  post  their  documents  to  FCC  database   (2012)   o DSTAC  (Downloadable  Security  Technology  Advisory  Committee)     ▯ Want  to  open  market  for  people  to  receive  video  services     ▯ 1  proposal:  device  manufacturers  could  access  videos     ▯ 1  proposal:  could  access  videos  without  relying  on  companies  to   create  application     o Media  Ownership   ▯ There  is  a  limit  on  how  many  media  companies  and  company  can   own   ▯ Congress  commands  FCC  to  review  media  ownership  rules  every  4   years   ▯ Joint  Sales  Agreement:  one  station  can  sell  advertising  or  time  on   another  station  in  the  same  area     • Considered  a  loophole   o AM  revitalization  rule     ▯ AM  =  amplitude  modulation     ▯ FM  =  frequency  modulation   ▯ Want  to  take  care  of  the  disparities  on  different  radio  modulations     ▯ On  Jan  29  CND  (small  companies)  licenses  can  apply  for  this     ▯ Means  more  money,  opportunity,  and  listeners     • Open  Internet  Order     o Internet  Service  Provider  relationship  with  consumer     o Nothing  to  do  with  access  to  content     o Came  up  with  high  level  rules  to  protect  consumers     • FCC  is  in  the  fact  finding,  data  collecting  business   o Moving  forward  it  is  necessary  to  recognize  motivations  and  innovations   o Give  a  number  of  programmers  (who  are  independent  and  have  been   complaining  for  a  while)  to  weigh  in  and  get  their  voices  heard     o Not  the  agency  of  jurisdiction  just  the  agency  of  influence     • If  you  are  using  the  internet  to  stream  video  it  uses  much  more  bandwidth  than   just  plain  data     o Some  internet  companies  have  issues  with  this     o Cable  companies  don’t  like  that  they’re  losing  service     o Should  those  who  use  more  pay  more?   o This  impacts  the  auction     • What  about  cell  phone  providers  offering  unlimited  Data  plans?  And  what  does   this  mean  relating  to  the  user  experience?   o Reasonable  Network  Management  =  as  long  as  the  company  is  not   unreasonably  favoring  your  own  content  or  discriminating  against  others   services,  then  you  may  engage  in  principles  to  ensure  a  high  level  of   service  for  all  users     ▯ As  long  as  no  discrimination  then  yes,  they  may  alter  (reasonably   manage)  it  universally     • Must  acknowledge  that  they  are  doing  it     • What  is  the  government  using  their  spectrum  for?   o FBI  &  CIA  all  have  their  own  local  wireless  networks   o Also  many  radars  for  aviation  safety  purposes     o SEC  has  its  own  spectrum   o Department  of  justice  has  its  own  Spectrum   o All  satellite  services  have  their  own  as  well     • Ownership  Rules  (Fowler  comments)   o Rules  are  very  important  that  democracy  is  explained  with  all  of  its   alternatives     o Print  media  is  protected  by  the  constitution   ▯ Not  true  of  electronics  media     o Commissioner  could  you  sum  up  ownership  rules?   ▯ Current  chair  has  decided  that  2010  and  2014  report  will  be  folded   into  a  new  report     • This  requires  a  vote     ▯ Local  ownership  rules:  limit  how  much  you  can  own  based  on  size  of   the  market     ▯ Rules  to  prevent  loopholes         1/26/16   What  is  news?   • See  the  handout   • Print   o Print  journalism  is  most  important  for  intellectuals   o Series  of  editors  that  are  divorced  from  editorial  page  editors   ▯ News  editors  are  managers  of  who  is  assigned  to  what  story  and   how  much  coverage  should  be  given  to  each  story   o Managing  editor  –  sub  editor  –  reporter     • TV  station     o Managing  editor  is  now  called  programming  or  news  director     o No  mixing  between  news  and  editorial     The  Theory  of  News   • If  you  took  away  media  then  democracy  can’t  work     • Most  Americans  get  most  info  from  TV  stations     • Most  TV  stations  have  Sunday  morning  programming     o Don’t  ad  much  to  the  net  intelligence  politically     o However  many  people  are  in  church  then     • TV  networks  educate  50%  of  total  population   • Newspapers  cover  almost  everywhere     o However  people  who  read  them  usually  go  to  the  business,  sports  or   social  pages   o Rarely  read  about  politics     o People  who  pay  attention  to  newspapers  are  the  most  influential  in   politics     • Movies  are  an  important  part  of  media  but  don’t  add  much  to  democracy     • Who  or  what  is  the  Barnwell  ring?     • All  of  the  political  information  from  the  media  talked  about  thus  far  are  public   media     o Anyone  has  access  but  individuals  choose  not  to   ▯ This  damages  our  democracy    


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