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BUS 131 - 010

by: Whitney Davis

BUS 131 - 010 BUS 131 - 010

Whitney Davis
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
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Business Law I
Dr. Slamon

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About this Document

Hey guys! Here are my notes from Chapter 1. If you have any questions about it let me know! I'll be uploading notes for each chapter.
Business Law I
Dr. Slamon
Class Notes




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Whitney Davis on Wednesday January 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BUS 131 - 010 at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania taught by Dr. Slamon in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Business Law I in Business at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 01/27/16
Chapter 1 Law and Legal Reasoning Business Activities and the Legal Government 0 Laws and regulations affect virtually all business activities 0 Location 0 Bene ts 0 Copyright lawPatentsTrade marks 0 Knowledge of quotBlack Letterquot is not enough 0 Black letter wellestablished public legal rules that are no longer subject to reasonable dispute 0 Many laws may affect a single business transaction Sources of American Law 0 Body of law which de nes the relationship of entities with state executive legislative and judiciary Constitutional law 0 Based on the US constitution and the constitutions of various states 0 West Constitution 0 State Constitution 0 Statutory Law 0 Written laws by legislative body 0 Ordinance Piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority city or county land use 0 Uniform Laws NCCUSL Model law Each state can choose to adopt or reject all or part of uniform law 0 Uniform Commercial Code Rules governing commercial transactions 0 Administrative Law 0 Governs activities of administrative agencies of the government 0 Federal Agencies 0 State and Local agencies 0 Case LawCommon Law Doctrines o The law established by the outcomes of former cases 0 Rules announced in court decisions judicial Contrasted with quotStatutory Lawquot The Common Law Tradition American Law D English Common Law D Traditions Social customs Rules and Cases D1066 AD Early English courts 0 At Common Law there were two separate court systems 0 Courts of Law Monetary relief 0 Courts of Equity Nonmonetary relief Based on notions of quotjustice and fair dealingquot Courts of Law AKA quotKing39s Courtsquot 0 Judges appointed by King Remedies limited to those provided at law 0 Land chattel money Judges resolve disputes by application of rules of law to facts of the case before the court Courts of Equity 0 Equity is the branch of law founded on what if fair and just Administered by chancellors appointed by king Equitable remedies include 0 Speci c performance 0 Injunctions o Recessions Legal and Equitable Remedies Today 0 Federal and state courts consolidated remedies at law and equity 0 Same court order includes both damages and equitableinjunctive relief Stare Decisis Stand on decided case 0 judgemade law 0 Case precedents and reporters 0 Each decisioninterpretation becomes legal precedent 0 Cases are published in national and regional quotReportersquot Stare Decisis and the Common Law tradition o Courts obliged to follow precedents within their jurisdictions o Courts should NOT overturn their own precedents without compelling reasons Controlling precedents o Referred to as binding quotauthoritiesquot 0 Include constitution Supreme court cases The Common Law Today Governs transactions NOT covered by AdministrativeStatutory Law 0 Courts interpret statutes 0 Restatements of law summarize common law rules 4 Schools of Legal Thought 0 Natural Law School 0 Assumes law rights and ethics are based on universal moral principles 0 Oldest view ofjurisprudence Aristotle jurisprudence the study of law 0 Natural Law Tradition People have quotnatural rightsquot Positivist School 0 Law is supreme will of state applies only to citizens 0 Law rights and ethics are NOT universal No natural rights 0 Written law of given society at a particular time 0 Historical School 0 Emphasizes evolutionary process of law 0 Concentrates on origins of legal system Follows decisions made in past cases 0 Legal Realism 0 Product of views as judicial decision makers Also social economic and contextual in uences o Shaped by social forces and needs 0 Realists believe that laws CAN39T be applied with total uniformity o In uenced growth of sociological school Sociological school views laws as tools for promoting justice in society Classi cations of Law 0 Every law will either be 0 Civil or Criminal o Substantive or Procedural 0 Public of Private 0 Cyber Civil or Criminal 0 Civil law spells out rights and duties that exist between persons and persons and their governments 0 Criminal law is concerned with wrong committed against public as a whole Criminal acts are de ned and prohibited by local state or federal government statutes Substantive or Procedural o Substantive is all laws that de ne describe regulate and create legal rightsobligations 0 Procedural is all laws that outline methods of enforcing rights established by substantive law 0 Public or Private 0 Public addresses relationship between persons and their government 0 Private deals with relationships between private entities Cyber o Refers to emerging body of law that governs transactions conducted via Internet How to Find Primary Sources of Law Citation references 0 Identi es publication in which legal authority can be found Finding StatutoryAdministrative Law 0 Laws referred to in their codi ed form federalstate codes Finding Case Law 0 Trial Courts Evidence is presented and testimony is given Bottom tier level 0 Case citation 0 State court decision Written decisions of the appellate are distributed 0 Federal court decision To appeal something 0 Apply to a higher court for reversal of the decision of a lower court Decisions and Opinions 0 Explained in written opinions Court39s reasons for its decision Rules of the law that apply Judgement o Unanimous opinion written for entire court when all judges justices agree 0 Majority opinion written when no unanimous agreement 0 Concurring opinion When a judge concurs agrees with majority opinion 0 Dissenting opinion When 2 judges disagree with majority opinion 0 Plurality opinion NO position is fully supported by majority ofjudges 0 quotPer Curiamquot opinion quotof the courtquot Does not indicate which judge wrote opinion


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