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by: Sydney Notetaker
Sydney Notetaker
SUNY Oswego
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

Principles of Accounting I Lab
Kerry K. McSweeney
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sydney Notetaker on Wednesday January 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ACC 201 Lab at State University of New York at Oswego taught by Kerry K. McSweeney in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views.

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Date Created: 01/27/16
Bring a pencil one page of handwritten notes Moore’s law 4 questions Cause and effect of data processing storage and communications cost being essentially zero Recognize the impact of rapid technological change on jobs What is Abstract reasoning? What is Systems thinking? What is collaboration? What is it WHAT IS necessary for good collaboration Understand the ability to experiment What are a group of components that act together to accomplish a task? What are the five components of the frame work of an IS also know what order they are in and what parts they play Understand about the management and use of an information system You should be able to pick up What is a valid reason to create an IS? What is an assembly of information technology? Information system What distinguishes IS from IT? What does automating work mean? Relation to the five component frame work What is the competitive strategy followed by an organization resulting from? When would suppliers have strong bargaining power? What are the two strength factors that relate to all three competitive forces? Be able to recognize the threat from a substitute Know competitive strategies Graph about it Cost differentiation Industry- wide FACTORS If I had a unique product aimed at a certain segment of consumers this would be an example of___? Competitive strategy Which strategy involves locking in customers Recognized a strategy for locking in customers Two questions CH4 Know input and output hardware A computer with a dual core processor has how many processors? And quad core? Computers represent data using ___ called bits 1 ____ is equal to 1024kilobytes Or 1___=1024mb An OS is a computer program that controls a _____________ How is CPU speed measured? Understand about volatile memory Example of what is and what isn’t Understand about client/server computers What do you have to have to be a client computer Which computers need OS Know the most widely used OS is What is an open source OS? Thick and Thin Clients Horizontal/vertical software Examples of each Recognize the windows explorer icon Recognize the mini toolbar What is the keyboard shortcut for office help? Know about headers and footers Recognize the font dialog box Recognize the water mark How is point size related to font What is a border? What is the icon for help and support? What application would you use to? Type a memo Make a presentation Know spell check Can you delete…. A folder? A file? What is a captcha? And what is it used for? Passwords Password etiquette What is a strong password? Which components of the IS framework, take action? What components of the IS Framework are instructions? Which components of the IS framework provides instructions for people? In the IS framework, which component is the bridge? Hardware and people are considered what in the IS framework? Just in case you forgot the five component frame work Hardware Software Data Procedures People Be able to read a scenario and recognize a lock-in strategy? To first be able to run a program a computer must first load it to? What is the horizontal market application? What is a vertical market application? What is virtualization? What are the advantages of developing custom in house software? What is firmware? Understand how linkages can reduce inventory costs Know primary activities are Know secondary activities What do the security systems rely on? Know the definition of IT What type of information relates to context and subject? Good information know definition and characteristic of it What would be/ not be timely information Several questions You should know data When you move something from the human side to the computer side of the five component framework what is that called? An effective business process enables an organization to ___? After inserting a table into a document which two tabs display? open a word and insert a table if you don’t know Know what is and isn’t plagiarism Know methods how to advance a slideshow


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