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Continuation of last week's notes.

by: Cindy Le

Continuation of last week's notes. CHE 102-010

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Chemistry > CHE 102-010 > Continuation of last week s notes
Cindy Le
Chemistry & Society
Thomas Zona

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About this Document

jan. 26th
Chemistry & Society
Thomas Zona
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cindy Le on Wednesday January 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CHE 102-010 at Illinois State University taught by Thomas Zona in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 137 views. For similar materials see Chemistry & Society in Chemistry at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 01/27/16
Pure substances gt Homogenous gt Any material that can not be separated physically sometimes chemically Elements gt Simplest pure substance gt Cannot be broken down gt Homogenous Compounds gt Can be broken down into materials chemically 2 or more elements gt Fixed mass ratio gt Ex C02 water ethanol salt etc Copper gt Heated at 500 C turns into pure black substance gt Based off compound and element de nitions is it a compound or an element Evolution of an idea amp tools hand The Balance gt Copper heatgt black solid substanc j A gt Copper sub x heat gtback solid k 15 mapper Preatomic theory of chemical change gt Combustion chemical transformation through re Phlogiston Theory of Combustion gt Introduced byJohann Becher gt All combustible materials contained principle or elementof re Released during combustion process ashphlogiston I I ash phlogiston Extended to rusting of iron slow combustion iron ore I iron ore I helped develop metallurgy ash I39 iron ore I iron ore I ash Mass analysis of rusting iron gt iron ore I iron ore I 112g 160g 48g gt Gabriel Venel introduced concept of negative to explain his observation Coulomb s Law of Electrostatics 3 gt q1 charge of object 1 p r E attractive liar eppesite charges repulsive or like charges 5 tabs tan CE gt 12 charge of object 2 E r2 gt r distance between the ObjEC Etrestatic Farce gt K electrostatic constant between m Charg Birth of Modern Chemistry gt J Priestly discovered heating mercury ore calx produced gas which substantially accelerated rate of combustion when compared to combust in air Gas dephlogisticated air DPA Explained its formation amp properties consistent w phlogiston theory DPA bi mercury ore mercury I DPA normal air contained certain amount of phlogiston gt Antoine Lavosier Based mass measurements combustion involved process of synthesis and not decomp gt PhlogistonistPriestly View iron ore I liron ore I 112g 160g 48g gt Lavoisier s view lron mystery substance l iron ore 112g 48g 160g Quantitative physical property gt Quantitative measured or calculated from on or more measurements gt Qualitative described attributes Density quantitative physical property gt All matter contain density to describe mass contained in volume EX elementdensity Fe787gml Measurement amp calculation of density gt Density mass volume dmv gt Using gmL gcm3 kgm3 etc


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