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History 105 Week 4 Lecture Notes

by: Christian Benson

History 105 Week 4 Lecture Notes HIST 105

Marketplace > University of Oregon > HIST 105 > History 105 Week 4 Lecture Notes
Christian Benson
GPA 2.47

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About this Document

Notes for Monday and Wednesday, 1/25 and 1/27
World History II
Prof. Furtado
Class Notes
World History, history
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christian Benson on Wednesday January 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 105 at University of Oregon taught by Prof. Furtado in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views.


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Date Created: 01/27/16
Lecture – (1/25/16) th th  Slave Empires (16 -18 Century) o Many countries on west coast of Africa became powerful, vocal opponents to ending slavery  Slavery in Africa o More slaves you had, more powerful you were o Slaves were 50 percent criminals, debtors, or mentally ill o Other 50 percent were prisoners of war o Slaves were always released at some point in their life  Sold their own people into slavery for a variety of reasons  Russia and Japan: Why did Russia become part of Europe while Japan did not? o Japan is an island nation o Japan is a lot smaller  Peter the Great (1672-1725)  Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616)  The Heian (Kyoto) Dynasty (784-1185)  Shogun – “Great Barbarian Felling Generalissimo”  Bakufu (Tent Government) (1185-1868)  Emperor  Shogun  Daimyos  Samurai  Peasant o Shogun ultimately general of military society o Daimyos is like a lord or a baron o Samurai is loyal to Daimyos o Emperor is like a figurehead  1542: firearms o Shipwrecked Portuguese sailors landed on Japanese coast o Firearms aboard o Japanese reverse engineer them o 58 years later they are the most firearm intensive place in the world  More infantry based once they have guns, less cavalry  1582: shogun Oda Nobunaga o Unifies a third of the country  1590: Toytomi Hideyoshi: o Unites the country under a single shogun  1600: Tokugawa Ieyasu o establishes administrative shogunate that will last  Tokugawa Reforms: o Capital is now Edo (Tokyo) o Daimyos have to attend court, otherwise death penalty  Samurai Rituals and rules: o Required to live in Daimyos’ district  Urbanization and government  Exclusion (Sakaku): o 1549 Jesuit missionaries arrive with Portuguese o No questioning authorities o Mandate of Heaven o New World, Buddhist Precedents o 1633: overseas travel banned because they were not a monotheistic place and Christianity and other religions were a threat to their authority  1637: Christian Rebellion (Shimabara)  1639: Europeans expelled, closed until 1854 o except for the dutch, because they never tried to convert people to Christianity  Deshima island. Only place they could have trade  The first Tsar: Ivan III (the great) (1462-1505) o Aligns with Christianity in Russia o Against Mongols, they don’t like it  Ivan IV (the terrible) o The Oprichniki: police thug force, could do whatever they wanted  Romanov Dynasty (1613 – 1917)  Peter the Great (1672-1725)  The Grand Embassy (Russia) o Tours Europe o Builds vessels o Paints o Hires people from different social categories  Trying to be like western Europe because they were more advanced Lecture (1/27/16)  How and why was the experience of contact with Europeans different from that in the Caribbean and elsewhere?  Contact and conquest – Caribbean o New route to indies o Conquest and wealth  Contact and conquest – Oceana o Motivations  Exploration  Gathering knowledge (the enlightenment) o Consequences  Anthropological encounters  Colonization  More scientific interest/treatment  The Manila Galleons (1565-1901)  The Enlightenment – To reform society through the use of reason and scientific method o Promotes: Skepticism of learn knowledge, Science, and intellectual interchange o Rejects: Faith and tradition as an explanation, intolerance, superstition  Voyages of James Cook:  First Voyage: Venus Transit (1769) o Trying to figure out where they were on the Earth o Then opened sealed orders to find Australia – secret  Landed on Botany Bay in eastern coast of Australia  Proves new Zealand is an island, sails all around it  Didn’t think he found Australia because he was expecting land filled with gold  Omai was a guy he picked up in Tahiti that was a Spanish translator  Sandwich islands (Hawaii) – 1778 o Discovered them on his voyages also  Nootka sound – 1778 o Sailed all the way up to Alaska area, even stopped on the Oregon coast  Mai (Omai) o Translator of Spanish o Became famous in Europe when cook brought him back, introduced to King George o People were thrilled by his intelligence and good looks o Assumed indigenous people were more primitive o Some concern with him getting smallpox  Mai’s Return o Brought back a bunch of stuff with him, armor and guns o Did people have a genuine scientific curiosity with him or just a sideshow? Little of both  Botany Bay: 1787-1868: o Penal colony o Sent 165,000 criminals there o Ancestors in Australia now


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