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Intro to Social Psych Chapter 1

by: Lauren Notetaker

Intro to Social Psych Chapter 1 PSYC 3430 - 03

Marketplace > Tulane University > Psychlogy > PSYC 3430 - 03 > Intro to Social Psych Chapter 1
Lauren Notetaker
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
GPA 4.0
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Intro To Social Psych
O'Brien, Laurie

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About this Document

These are detailed notes for chapter one. It contains a lot of material that she only discussed in class.
Intro To Social Psych
O'Brien, Laurie
Class Notes
o'brian, social psychology, notes




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Notetaker on Wednesday January 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 3430 - 03 at Tulane University taught by O'Brien, Laurie in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Intro To Social Psych in Psychlogy at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 01/27/16
Chapter One Introducing the Social Self Social psych vs related disciplines Sociology groups societies cultures as a whole 0 Ex crime what social factors Psychology individuals 0 Ex crime patterns and cities across the decade Personality psych 0 Interested in individual differences stability of personality over time how it changes Ex crime what are personality traits that predispose a person to commit Clinical psych 0 Focus on abnormality ppl have traits that are maladaptive from norm how different behaviors predispose to disorders Ex crime ppl with certain psychological disorders commit certain crimes Cognitive psych 0 Memory thinking social and cognition social cognition memories of people Research methods Why methods 0 Understanding 0 Evaluating No one study that provide definitive answer quotcoffee drinkers have better sex livesquot 0 How did they measure intake 0 Can it improve Theory 0 Integrated set of principles that seeks to explain and predict the relationship bt 2 or more events 0 Social learning theory came out of learning theory if we39re rewarded we39ll do it again we can see if others are rewarded or punished Hypothesis 0 An explicit testable prediction about the conditions under which an event will occur 0 Narrower more precise derived from theories 0 Ex Children exposed to violent TV shows will be more likely to hit their siblings than children exposed to nonviolent TV shows Social learning theory suggests ppl learn to b aggressive from viewing violence Psychological variables Operational definition 0 The specific procedures for manipulating or measuring a conceptual variable Measuring abstract is difficult Ex trying to figure out if a certain person is attractive 0 Ask ppl to do a self report 0 Comparative process 0 Multiple ways Many ways to measure variables 0 Behavior 0 Self report Self report data Framing of the question 0 Self explanatory Response options 0 Modal response one chosen most Anchoring bias 0 When you throw a number out ppl tend to use it as an anchoring point ppl tend to under adjust Randomization Random sampling Everyone in population of interest has equal chance of being included How tulane students feel about lsu o This class would be a convenient sample Can be difficult maybe impossible How women feel about abortion 0 Can be difficult if you have a big population Random assignment Everyone in experiment has equal chance of being assigned to each group Wanted to know whether taking 0 50 100 mg of caffeine before exam Random sampling choose individuals of pop random assignment once you chose your sample and choose experimental and control group Choosing a method Depends on what we want to know 0 Correlational research Examine existing Relationships bt variables wout trying to manipulate Naturally occurring relationship bt 2 variables Directional Relationships I Pos I neg 0 Exp Research Impact of one variable on another Bidirectionality Difficult to know which variable influences the other Correlation Causation Study habits and grades could be something else that takes into affect Ice cream sales gt murder rates 3rd Variable problem 0 Ice cream sales and murder rate relate to daily temp Experimental paradigm Manipulation amp Measurement Alter level intensity presence of IV Measure DV Control Control influence of extraneous variables Randomization Control differences between groups Independent variables changing The variable that is manipulated in an experiment Dependent variable measuring the variable that is measured Subject variables variables that characterize preexisting differences among participants 0 Religion gender Main effect The overall effect an IV has on the DV ignoring other IVs 0 Ex husband39s masculinity in relation to wife being faithful or unfaithful high masc if wife is faithful low if not Interaction The effect of an IV on the DV changes as a function of another variable 0 Ex husband39s masculinity in relation to wife being faithful or not in the US compared to Brazil much bigger difference with the wife being unfaithful and the husband39s masc much lower in brazil Honor culture rep is important men respond with aggression and violence Experimental issues Stronger claims on causal relationships demand characteristics Cues in an experiment that tell the participant what behavior is expected 0 Problems with this Tell kids with caffeine before a test that we think they39ll do better compared to those we don39t give caffeine and don39t acknowledge Internal Validity Did the IV cause the changes in the DV External Validity Would the same results be obtained for other people in other situations Errors in experimentation Type 1 false pos o Telling a man he39s preggers Type 2 false neg o Telling an obviously pregnant woman she39s not preggers Values can affect science Obvious ways eg decisions about what to study Notsoobvious ways eg labeling Gender identity disorder gt gender dysphoria Nationalism vs patriotism Nationalism pejorative tone Patriotism quotgood citizensquot 0 Can be affected by values Institutional review board Informed consent review significant risk 0 Minimal risk research If greater researcher has to disclose Use of deception 0 Problem of demand characteristics 0 Impossible to ask how they39d feel in a certain situation Protect from harm and significant discomfort Confidentiality keep records Anonymity don t know name Debriefing Wrap it up Social psychology and related disciplines Research Methods Correlational Research Experimental Research Ethics


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