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Class 5 Notes

by: Madeline Lacman

Class 5 Notes Russ 280

Madeline Lacman

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About this Document

These notes cover Father Thomas Moore's visit and the history of the Orthodox faith
Intro to Russian Civilization
Prof. Kalb
Class Notes
orthodox, orthodoxy, faith, religion, russian, father, thomas, moore, russ, 280
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madeline Lacman on Thursday January 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Russ 280 at University of South Carolina taught by Prof. Kalb in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Intro to Russian Civilization in Russian at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 01/28/16
Russian 280 Class 5 Father Thomas Moore Visit 43 196 144 32 105 8 45 4 4 rd 3 Independenc st e of Russian 1 Great Mutual Coun Orthodox anathemas of cil 4th church from church of 1054 between Coun Roman Catholic &  Christianity was illegal until 312  1 Council – 324 o Bishops from all over the world discuss Jesus o Jesus is fully God and fully man  3 Council – 431 o Mary was now called Christokos, “Birth Giver of Christ” o Confirmed original Nicene Creed th  4 Council – 451 o Orthodox- has a divine will and human will o Coptic- has both divine and human will, but divine will takes over o Coptic splits  Roman Catholic church is divided, eventually has 3 Popes at the same time  Coptic remains similar to Orthodox  7 Council o Islam has risen o Dealt with the issue of icons o Iconoclasts (icon smashers) vs. Iconodules (venerators of icons)  By 1054, there are 5 major cities with bishops ruling over city and priests under them  1054- Roman church splits from other 4 o Filioque (600-700)  Holy Spirit that comes from the Father and the Son; hierarchical church  Western ideal  East believes that the Trinity is overlapping; there is no hierarchy o Icon controversy  Islam doesn’t believe in images or icons  Orthodox very involved with icons  Nature of the world as iconic  Icons point to a relationship with someone, similar to your own pictures you have in your home o Great Schism- Eastern Orthodox and Western Catholic churches split from each other  Orthodoxy believes that the western church (Roman Catholic) was the reason for the split  Duraeuropus o Covered by flood in 259 o Found 17 temples to different gods when it was excavated o Icons all over a synagogue of the Old Testament  800- Iconoclasm o Wanted to get rid of all the icons so Muslims won’t kill us o However, Orthodox wins  988- Prince Vladimir has everyone get baptized in the Christian faith o Sent missionaries to different religions so he could pick a national faith o Chooses Orthodoxy  Difference between Roman Church and Eastern Church o Why did God die on a cross?  Western- God was angry at us  Eastern- Jesus comes to assuage our guilt  God comes to destroy death, Jesus dies and resurrects to tell others that dying is like walking through a door where we are all together in Heaven in the end o Heaven/Hell?  Eastern- God is everywhere, not one region where only Devil rules  Western- more of a set Heaven/Hell  Hesychasm- practice of stillness (mind and body)  Paratosis- tradition


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