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History 150: Medieval Society 1

by: Rachel Rusnak

History 150: Medieval Society 1 150

Marketplace > Ball State University > History > 150 > History 150 Medieval Society 1
Rachel Rusnak
GPA 3.2

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About this Document

day 1 of the Medieval Society notes for exam 1
The West in the World
Dr. Malone
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Rusnak on Thursday January 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 150 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Malone in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 01/28/16
1/25/16: Medieval Society Medieval Society:  Western Europe in the High Middle Ages ***test questions*** The Middle Ages.  6 ­14  centuries. o Power rests in the hands of the nobility. o Power possesses over land and personal armies. o Overwhelmingly agricultural economy. o Power is land centered.  Our focus will be on select aspects of the: o High Middle Ages.  11  ­14  centuries.  The medieval conception of society. o The three orders.   Those who fight (middle).  Nobility and soldiers.  Those who pray (left).  Members of the church; monks.  Those who work (right).  Peasants. o The rights and responsibilities depended on what you were born into. o Natural order. Those Who Fight.  Nobles acquired military power through a ceremony known as vassalage.  o Built up military power. o Created social chaos. o Defenders of society. o Ceremony in which a knight pledged his personal loyalty and military service to a nobleman. o The knight became a vassal and the nobleman became his lord. o In return, the Lord gave the vassal a fief.  Fief. o Land containing a manor/ manors with serfs (unfree peasants).  The warrior ethos: o The Catholic Church’s Truce of God (11  c).th  Only partially affective.  Placed a ban on warfare from mid­afternoon on Saturday until daybreak on Monday.  The ban was later extended to Wednesday evening through Monday morning as well as the season of Advent and Lent. 1/25/16: Medieval Society Those Who Work.  Free and unfree peasants (serfs) lived and wthked on manors. o Majority were unfree up until the 13  century. o Manors.  Agricultural estates. th  Elton in England (late 13  c). o 1,900 acres. o 500­600 people.  Conditions of serfdom. th o Serfdom died out during the 15  century.  Bound to the land; they could not leave the land without the Lord’s consent.  Under the jurisdiction of the Lord’s court­ the manorial court.  The power of the Lord extend into personal matters, such as marriage. Although free to marry, a serf couldn’t marry a person outside of the manor without the Lord’s permission.  The serf owed the Lord LABOR.  117 days out of the year.  Working on the land or wherever else they were needed.  The serf owed the Lord feudal dues­ for the use of the Lord’s mill and oven, he would have to give a portion of the grain or bread to the Lord. o In return, the serf received protection from the Lord and a plot of land to work for his family’s sustenance.


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