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by: Emily Sawyer

16.10-16.12 GLY 1104

Emily Sawyer
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Mountains: Water To Sea
Dr. Anderson

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About this Document

These notes are in depth and will be on our next exam.
Mountains: Water To Sea
Dr. Anderson
Class Notes
Geology, Science




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Sawyer on Thursday January 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GLY 1104 at Appalachian State University taught by Dr. Anderson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Mountains: Water To Sea in Geology at Appalachian State University.


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Date Created: 01/28/16
161 1612 streams and flooding How do streams change over time How do they respond to changing conditions runoff human activity gaciasea level effects huge flows when melting but once they retreat how would the flow change tectonism dig into the ground lessmore geology soft v hard rocks human engineering climate over geologic time area can go from being very wet to very dry Runoff precipitation intensity different types different seasons seasonality snow melt vs may showers vs dry summer urbanizationan urban stream example would be boone creek boone creek is very warm in durham park which could be a result of humans Rebound effects change in flow direction takes years crustal sinking ice compresses the upper mantle could cause a glacial lake because the water that melts is going to collect crustal rebound uplift maybe a flat time then the streams will start flowing in a different direction Ohio rebound effects change in flow direction glacial limit current divide was called the lake of maumee but it was located on the southwest corner of the state laurentide ice sheet Glacial and Sea Levels change in base level glacial advance falling sea levels glacial retreat rising sea levels His words They kinda just make sense Tectonism influences sediment production precipitation orographic effect rainshadow deserts can be seen primarily out west mountain building can get increases in elevation which cause uplift which produces precipitation which increases rainfall Rainshadow deserts moisture coming off of an ocean prevailing winds from west water vapor goes up because of friction topography water is dropped as rain why seattle is known to be wet effected by the cascades when the air mass gets across the mountain range there is no moisture left vegetation in these areas increase because of all of the rain Orographic effects the sierra mountains get mass amounts of snow and some rain uplift from mountains forces the water from the ocean onto the top ridge of the mountain the salt from the ocean goes into the valleys no orographic effects areas with little to no topography like Ohio Geology nick points human engineering the damming of streams is going to influence a lot of things dams can leak which is something that they need to account for where there is a dam the floodplain will most likely be flooded due to the fact that the water cannot be held in the original stream channel climate or urbanization stream incision Terraces flat to gently sloping benches or steps flanked by steeper slopes change In base level leads to terraces three stages Tectonic uplift results in incised meanders this is called entrenched meanders the rivers are actually stuck in place because they are incised in rock it makes the river impossible to ever leave that system It can still meander more but it will take a lot longer because it has to carve through rock instead of usual sediment Grand Canyon was formed as a result of this Flood a flow that occurs when more water enters the system than can be held within the natural channel we see these around boone when intense rain evens happen which is often in larger systems like the Mississippi River it takes a lot longer to flood overbank flow


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