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Consumer Behavior_Chapter 1 Notes

by: Addison Harris

Consumer Behavior_Chapter 1 Notes MKT 4413

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Marketing > MKT 4413 > Consumer Behavior_Chapter 1 Notes
Addison Harris
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Consumer Behavior
Michael Breazeale

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About this Document

Notes that were covered in class: from Prezi
Consumer Behavior
Michael Breazeale
Class Notes
Consumer Behavior, Chapter 1, Exam 1




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Addison Harris on Thursday January 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 4413 at Mississippi State University taught by Michael Breazeale in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Consumer Behavior in Marketing at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 01/28/16
MKT 4413 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR CHAPTER 1 BUYING HAVING AND BEING AN INTRODUCITON TO CONSUMER BEHAVIOR What do we mean when we say quotconsumer behaviorquot The study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select purchase use or dispose of products services ideas or experience to satisfy needs or desires Dispose Yes we are even concerned with the way people dispose of our product because some are concerned with the way the disposed product impacts the environment what happens after you use it concerned with sustainability Ex in class Best Buy will buy your old products back 0 Experience Ex in class Disney Snickersl how do you feel when you experience or consume these things l nostalgic What is a consumer Any entityperson group or organizationthat identi es a need or desire makes a purchase don t have to buy to consume and then disposes of the product in the stages of the consumption processes 0 Consumers are all different Your goals are to attract the largest group with the most in common age income lifestyle geography education and usage level 0 Quote quotMarketers succeed to the extent that they are able to pro tably satisfy customer s wants and needsquot Unknown What are heavy users Marketers use this term to identify their customers who consume their products in large volumes What is the 8020 Rule A general rule of thumb in volume segmentation that says about 20 of the consumers in a product category account for about 80 of sales Ex in class Budweiserl 125 of their customers drink 80 their beer What other consumer characteristics might help us to better segment our customers 0 Age generation of shared experiences clothes technology music etc 0 Gender Axe Fragrances underwear sleepwear guns color amp size tools 0 Family Structure Family status life stage Early family might have a smaller car and an apartment Middle family with kids might have a larger car mini van a larger home house neighborhood parents also looking into life insurance incase something happens to them Late children grown making their own living parents maybe looking into a smaller home or nursing home 0 The stage of life the family is in determines how they are segmented as customers 0 Social Class amp Income normally uctuate together clothing cars real estate food etc 0 Race amp Ethnicity Cultural Experience USA acknowledging cultural differences Ex in class hair care entertainment 0 Geography changes depending on what region you live in Ex in class Omaha Nebraska snow shovel foodtaste buds vs Mississippi sun screen barely any snow would probably have no use for snow shovel friedsouthern food 0 Lifestyle see below What do we mean by the term quotLifestylequot A pattern of consumption that re ects a person s choices of how to spend their time and money big part What does it mean to them when they use them How are they using the product Ex in class people started using Campbell s soup in casseroles instead of eating them as soup What is relationship marketing The strategic perspective that stresses the long term human side of buyerseller interactions People turn to people and also to brands they have relationships with This is made even more possible by Database Marketing What is database marketing Tracking consumer s buying habits very closely and then crafting products and messages tailored precisely to people s wants and needs based on this information What is Big Data The collection and analysis of extremely large datasets to identify patterns of behavior l very pro table Ex in class The CDC tracks social media to accurately determine where outbreaks occur Police also do this with crime rate locations What is role theory The perspective that many consumer actions resemble the action in a play and that consumers act out various roles assuming behaviors that correspond with those roles and employing props appropriate to the role Ex in class student athlete parent employee 0 Relationship Roles Selfconcept attachment athletesNike shoes Nostalgic attachment video games Love personal to people Interdependence cell phone smart phone Shortterm ings slap bracelets What does it mean to consume To eat drink ingest listen to read utilize or in the case of an idea to consider something Why do we consume Appearance curiosity selfimage congruity or to have an image we want to have What is motivation An internal state that activates a goal oriented behavior Motivation is what drives all consumption Ex someone who is very hungry has a high motivation to get food What is a goal A desired end state Ex What someone would feel like once they got food and felt full What is drive theory The basic mechanism that drives much of our behavior is a set of biological needs that produce unpleasant states of arousal Direction vs Strength of tension Want vs Need What is the difference between utilitarian and hedonic needs can be either or both Hedonic vary from person to person ex board games Utilitarian practical useful consumption tools What is the culture of participation Our current culture in which individuals can interact freely with other individuals companies and organizations in which we can create shared content and build on the content of others l Macro or Micro level What is positivism or modernism A paradigm that assumes that human reason is supreme and that there is single objective truth that science can discover assuming human reason is supreme there is 1 answer to every question and we will get it right What is interpretivism postmodernism A paradigm that assumes that we live in a complex social and cultural world and that meaning is individually created based on our shared experiences not 1 universal truth


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