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Art of the Pacific Notes

by: Savannah McNealy

Art of the Pacific Notes ART 316

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Art History > ART 316 > Art of the Pacific Notes
Savannah McNealy

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About this Document

Island Southeast Asia Cont'd
Art of the Pacific
Dr. David Riep
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Savannah McNealy on Thursday January 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 316 at Colorado State University taught by Dr. David Riep in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Art of the Pacific in Art History at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 01/28/16
Islands  Southeast  Asia  Con't Thursday,  January  28,  212:40  PM Toba  Batak  Staffs • Tungagal  panaluan (  large) ○ Made/used  by  the Datu ○ Wood,  cloth,  feathers,  hair ○ Used  when  overseeing  a  significant  ceremony ○ Use  staffs  to  connect  with  beyond ○ Staffs  themselves  have  a  presence ○ Intricately  carved  with  stacked  figures § Top  two  figures  are  usually  human • Tungkot  Malehat(  short) ○ One  figure  on  top  of  a    smooth  shaft ○ Figure  filled  with  magic:  Puk  Puk § Kidnap  kid  from  another  culture,  bury  him  up  to  his  neck,  drill  a  hole   in  his  head,  pour  molten  metal  into  his  head  (while  alive)  and    it   melts  his  brain,  and  that  creates  Puk  Puk § Anytime  there's  unbalance,  you  need  to  get  Puk  Puk Container  for  Magical  Substances Perminangken • Toba  batak,  indonesia,  sumatra • Wood,  Chinese  trade  ceramic Pagarfigure  with  pupuk  holes • Hang  from  rafters  in  communal  houses • When  you've  plugged  the  holes  after  filling  it  with  pukpuk,  they  become   magnets  for  spirits • Linked  with  status • The  stopper  is  always  carved  out  of  wood,  mounted  rider ○ Singa § Sanskrit  for  lion § Composite  figure □ Buffalo,  horse,  naga:  mythical  serpent  dragon  of  the   underworld § What  the  rider  is  mounted  on  the  stopper ○ Also  used  to  support  living  space,  like  gargoyles § Sanskrit  for  lion § Composite  figure □ Buffalo,  horse,  naga:  mythical  serpent  dragon  of  the   underworld § What  the  rider  is  mounted  on  the  stopper ○ Also  used  to  support  living  space,  like  gargoyles Architecture • Balemeeting  hall • House  levels ○ Roof  =  sky ○ Living  space  =  earth ○ Piles  =  underworld Textiles • Ritual  textile ○ Tampan   ○ Pasisir  peoples ○ Used  when  important  rites  of  passage,  stages  of  life • Ceremonial  Banner ○ Palepai  maju ○ Lampung  peoples ○ Reserved  for  nobility ○ Stylized,  abstract • Ceremonial  Cloth ○ Pua  kumbu ○ Borneo  malaysia ○ Iban  people ○ Warp  ikat  cloth § Spin  cotton  into  thread § Master  dyer  makes  dyes   § Dying □ Threads  tied  with  a    resist  material □ Dipped  into  dye □ Some  resist  material  removed □ Dipped  into  another  dye  color § Weving □ Dyed  warp  threads  are  strung  on  a  back  loom □ Weft  threads  strung  on  a  are  passed  under  warp  yarns § The  first  time  you  do  this  you  are  considered  a  woman § The  process  is  considered  to  be  immensely  dangerous § Textiles  are  protective  things § Patterns  have  been  passed  down § Elder  female  weavers  get  a  warrior  tattoo § The  process  is  considered  to  be  immensely  dangerous § Textiles  are  protective  things § Patterns  have  been  passed  down § Elder  female  weavers  get  a  warrior  tattoo


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