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Latin American History

by: Carla Notetaker

Latin American History 179

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > History > 179 > Latin American History
Carla Notetaker
Penn State

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About this Document

These notes cover the third week of class.
Latin American History since 1820
Dr. Kirk Shaffer
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carla Notetaker on Thursday January 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 179 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Dr. Kirk Shaffer in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Latin American History since 1820 in History at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 01/28/16
Problems when conquering the Aztec Empire▯ -Noche Triste (June, 1520)- Spaniards decided to flee Tenochtitlán, however many couldn’t get out and died in the process▯ ▯ -Cortés and those who survived went to Tlaxcala to organize a fleet▯ -80 Day Siege- Spaniards cut off water and food supply for Aztecs in Tenochtitlán, and as a result many Aztecs died (small pox was also present)▯ ▯ -Aztecs were forced to surrender and Moctezuma was executed▯ -Cuachtémoc- new Aztec emperor, was tortured to tell Spaniards where gold was hidden▯ ▯ -Cuachtémoc refused, and was eventually executed along with priests and advisors▯ -1521- Aztec Empire was officially conquered▯ ▯ ▯ Inca Empire- Spanish Conquest▯ Events prior to the arrival of Francisco Pizarro▯ -Huayana Capac- last Inca emperor▯ ▯ -Many bad omens around him (earthquakes, lightning storms, condor falling from the sky during festivities to Sun God)▯ ▯ -Died of small pox▯ -Huascar- first, legitimate son▯ -Atahualpa- favorite soon▯ -There was eventually a civil war between Huascar and Atahualpa▯ ▯ Panama▯ -1520’s- Panama became a center for Spanish shipbuilding▯ ▯ -Francisco Pizarro landed in the Isthmus of Panama▯ -1523- first Spanish encounter with the Inca▯ -1527- Pizarro lands in Ecuador and finds treasure▯ -1528- Pizarro requested an official permission from the King to sail back to Ecuador▯ ▯ -Permission is granted, and Pizarro is allowed to start encomiendas as long as 1/5 of all profits are sent back to Spain▯ -1531- Pizarro sails back to Ecuador, and when he lands he hears rumors of the Inca civil war▯ ▯ What was going on with Atahualpa?▯ -Huascar was killed, but there were rumors of another invasion (Pizarro)▯ -1532- meeting arranged between Atahualpa and Pizarro in Cajamarca▯ ▯ -Atahualpa arrived late on purpose, while the Spaniards were hiding▯ ▯ -Father Valverde starts preaching to Atahualpa, telling him to accept Jesus Christ as his god and to surrender. The father told him that if he did this, they wouldn't hurt him (requerimiento)▯ ▯ -Atahualpa dropped the Father’s bible, and he was captured▯ -Inca gave Pizarro 13,000 pounds of gold and 26,000 pounds of silver to pay a ransom, but Pizarro still killed Atahualpa and took over Cuzco▯ ▯ ▯ White-Indian Alliances▯ him▯co Inca- had an alliance with Pizarro but began to hate him, and turned against ▯ -Set up a Neo-Inca state in the Andes▯ ▯ Spanish Civil War▯ -1536- Pizarro granted 500 encomiendas▯ leads a revolt▯ro- resisted Pizarro due to unfairness in distribution of wealth, and ▯ -Paullu Topa becomes an ally, and Almagro promises to name him the new Inca leader if they win the resistance▯ ▯ -Almagro takes over Cuzco, but is captured by Pizarro and executed▯ -Almagro’s son then kills Pizarro, and joins the rebellion▯ ▯ Key Events▯ -1527- Pizarro’s first expedition▯ -1548- Spanish leaders were killed▯ -1572- Spanish expedition captures Tupac Amaru (last Inca ruler ▯ ▯ ▯


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