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Theatre 120B, Week 1 notes

by: Elena Yeroushalmi

Theatre 120B, Week 1 notes 120B

Elena Yeroushalmi
GPA 3.96
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About this Document

These notes cover everything the professor said in the first week.
Film and Television
Prof Shushtari
Class Notes
theatre, Shushtari, 120B




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elena Yeroushalmi on Thursday January 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 120B at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Prof Shushtari in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Film and Television in Theatre at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 01/28/16
(Tuesday 1/5) Actor’s Journey through a Live-Action Film Pre-Production Audition Screen Test(s) Prep Rehearsal Production - the most difficult of all three; difficult doing the job and getting it on film On Location vs. In Studio From the actors experience on location it changes up your schedule and disrupts flow but you have more space and room to work with (more opened scenes) On location its harder because there can be disruptions Blocking (choreography) Placement of actors within the camera Camera is being blocked; marks on the floor where the actors should be Every movement needs to be precise because the camera is set and focus is changing Shooting Challenge of shooting out of order- you need to match what was done before Shooting out of order You don’t shoot in order because you finish peoples scene when they come in and they are available so you don’t need to pay for them to come on two separate days Availability of resources Based on budget, availability of locations Emotional and physical continutity you can break up with someone who you are supposed to film with Chemistry chaplin and the blind girl didn’t like each other in real life Post Production Reshoots If you have to have a beard for the shoot then finish the shoot and shave your beard then they ask you to come in for a reshoot you need to draw a beard with makeup ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)- AKA Looping When the actor has to come back in post production when the film is edited and replace dialogue Mostly for location shoots Dubbing Replacing the voice with another actor Mostly in another language for another country (Thursday 1/7) Midnight Cowboy considered a ‘New Hollywood’ movie visual experimentation; at a real location rather than in the studio after New Hollywood the big studios sold their land themes/subject matter were changing; they took on taboo matters ex: sexuality, showcasing drugs (as a way of life for some people), things that challenge authority figures these films were darker than prior films (doesn’t always end in hope) addition of rich in depth complicated people Midnight cowboy: refers to male prostitute In the film cover- not a traditional western setting in a urban setting in Manhattan dressed as a cowboy in the snow Anti-hero = has characteristics than in real life we wouldn’t appreciate their qualities, our society frowns upon them Unique way of editing; movie brings up a lot of flashbacks There is vagueness; open things to your own interpretation Movie Notes: to your interpretation of they are gay or not theme of friendships, alimentation, lovers, going through change in ones life Joe= Join Voit (use of mirrors/windows to express personality ) Dustin Hoffman (RICO)- they guy who limps  


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