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From Rock to Bach Week 2 Notes

by: Emily Tall

From Rock to Bach Week 2 Notes MUSI 10073

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > Music > MUSI 10073 > From Rock to Bach Week 2 Notes
Emily Tall
GPA 3.299
From Rock to Bach
Dr. Amy Stewart

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About this Document

Notes from the second week of class. This includes notes and iClicker questions from class.
From Rock to Bach
Dr. Amy Stewart
Class Notes
Rock to Bach, Dr. Stewart, Music, tcu, week 2
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Tall on Friday January 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUSI 10073 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Amy Stewart in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see From Rock to Bach in Music at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 01/29/16
11916 iCIicker Questions Western music is most often associated with the 0 Open prairie and cowboys How did Country and Western music spread from regional areas in the southeast to a broader national audience Clear channel radio stations started playing barndancing type programs during Prime Time These stations reached wide audiences and eventually went coast to coast amp During WWII soldiers from the south shared their country and western music with soldiers from the north and west who were stationed alongside them Which of the following describes Triple Simple Meter aka 34 3 beats to the bar each beat divided into 2 parts All of the following contributed to the development of a style of music that was popular nationside in the rst half of the 20th century before RampR EXCEPT Rural and Urban blues Prior to the 19505 the music business was driven primarily by the sale of what 0 Sheet music Tin Pan Alley songs generally followed what musical form AABA Notes Country amp Western Hank Williams I m So Lonesome I Could Cry 0 34 time o Bluesy o String instruments Rhyt m o Beat Regular rhythmic pulse o Measure bar Grouping of beats o Meter Organization of beats within a measure oCountrylj Jimmy Rodgers Blue Yode T for Texas 0 Similar to Rural Blues 0 Blue Grassl Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys I m Working On a Building 0 Plucky and quick 0 Harmony like church choir 0 Western Swing Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys New San Antonio Rose 0 Horns played melody o Vocals are predominant and smooth 0 Literally swing music with a hint of western 339 Mainstream Pop oFrank Sinatra Love and Marriage oTin Pan Alley Place in NYC but also a business where songwriters sat in rooms all day long writing the quotnext big hitquot oAABA o Full orchestra o Quadruple Meter 0 Les Paul and Mary Ford I m Sitting On Top ofthe W0rdNew recording technology 0 AABA o Steely electric guitar recorded half the speed and lower then sped up 0 Vocal harmonizing with herself 12116 iClicker Questions What is a Crossover A song that is successful on two different charts The ability for Black RampB artists to cross over to the pop charts was signi cantly reduced by 0 The practice of white artists covering RampB songs Chuck Berry was known for his guitar playing and his signature dance move called what 0 Duck Walk Little Richard s aggressive piano playing and 39wild man persona was in direct contrast to Fats Domino Elvis got his start at which independent label 0 Sun Elis was the rst Rock n Roller to draw intense interest from the major labels and have hits on all three charts simultaneously 0 True w Other Mainstream Pop Sounds 0 Patti Page How Much is That Doggie In the Window epitome of wholesome music 0 Simple verse chorus o Wholesome lyrics 0 Glen Miller String ofPears big band in uence 0 No vocals 0 Front man for the band was the face of the band The 19505 0 Civil rights movement is starting to begin 0 Contrast 0 Hugh Hefner starts Playboy 0 Couples on TV don t sleep in the same bed 0 Recognition of the quotteenagerquot 0 Listening to music their parents didn t want them listening to 0 Listening to RampB when away from home 0 Mister Rock n Roll Alan Freed Crossovers and Covers Crossover song that charts on more than one chart Coverl song that is rst recorded by one artist and then by another artist Other RampB Rock and Rollers Chuck Berry Maybelene Fats Domino Blueberry Hill 0 Compound quadruple meter 0 AABA form 0 Little Richard Tutti Frutti 0 Simple versechorus 0 Up beat 0 Voice isn t quite as bluesy Elvis 0 That s All Right Mama 0 Sun Records Sam Phillips 0 Sold Elvis s contract to RCA because he couldn t get Elvis as far as he knew he could go Marketed as CampW Bside of the track Blue Moon of Kentucky a cover originay recorded by Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys


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