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From Rock to Bach Week 3 Notes

by: Emily Tall

From Rock to Bach Week 3 Notes MUSI 10073

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > Music > MUSI 10073 > From Rock to Bach Week 3 Notes
Emily Tall
GPA 3.299
From Rock to Bach
Dr. Amy Stewart

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About this Document

Notes from the third week of class including iClicker questions.
From Rock to Bach
Dr. Amy Stewart
Class Notes
Rock to Bach, Dr. Stewart, Music, tcu, week 3
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Tall on Friday January 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUSI 10073 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Amy Stewart in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see From Rock to Bach in Music at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 01/29/16
12616 iCIicker Questions What form is this Be My Baby Contrasting Verse Chorus All of the following singers were considered Teen Idols EXCEPT Roy Orbison TF The Brill Building approach encouraged the artist to play a signi cant role in the song writing and production process 0 False The B Section of this AABA form begins at what time stamp All Have to do is Dream 0 051 Notes Rockabilly after Elvis Carl Perkins Johnny Cash 0 Jerry Lee Lewis Comparing Two Guitarists 0 Buddy Holy Rock n Roll from the CampW side Oh Boy 0 Chuck Berry Rock n Roll from the RampB side Maybelene The Day the Music Died end of rst wave of RampR Payola The practice of paying DJs to play your song on the radio 0 ASCAPl Major labels and Mainstream pop 0 BMl Indie labels and RampR 0 Little Richard went into the ministry 57 Elvis was drafted into the Army 57 Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old niece 58 0 Buddy Holly died in a plane crash 59 0 Chuck Berry charged with violating the Mann Act 59 A Time In Between 0 Teens Dancing and Soul 0 The Twistis the rst time people could dance by themselves without a partner TeenldoSongs Neil Sekada s Breakin Up is Hard to Do 0 What is the form AABA o How does the song vary from section to section B section was shorter and had a different melody Minor area of the same key No harmonizing in the B section 12816 iCIicker Questions In Verse 1 of There Goes My Baby what does the string s melody do 0 Move from high to low Same Question different section of the song 0 Stay in one general pitch eve American Bandstand was 0 A TV show that featured teenagers dancing to popular music TF After the rst wave of Rock n Roll died out the music produced by the Brill Building in NYC was aimed at the college aged youth that had once listened to the rst Rock n Rollers False Which of the following statements about the Beach Boys is NOT true 0 They were all brothers Frankie Avalon is associated with what style 0 Teen Idol Jerry Lee Lewis is associated with shat style 0 Big Band Teen Idols were primarily marketed as 0 Ideal boyfriends What two roles do guitars generally play in an ensemble Rhythm and Lead What is the job of the bass player 0 Add a melodic element to instrumental solos Notes Phil Spector Producer 0 The Ronnett s Be My Baby 0 The Wall of Sound Teenage symphonies o Constant sound 0 Layered tracks 0 Multiple people playing each instrumentvocals o The Wrecking Crew Carol Kay a Single most important bass player in music a Recorded on more than 10000 recording sessions Leiber and Stoller Producers The Coasters 0 Smokey joe s Cafe o Playlets Acting out the song while performing it Sweet Soul The Drifters 0 There Goes My Baby Beach Boys Brian Wilson wrote and produced many of their songs They were in uenced by Black DooWop groups white vocal groups like the Four Freshman Chuck Berry s guitar and Phil Spector s Wall ofSound Don t Worry Baby was closely modeled after The Ronettes Be My Baby Surf music California 5ur n rst regional hit Other Surfers Jan and Dean 0 Little Old Lady from Pasadena Dick and Dale King of Surf Guitar


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