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Week 3 Notes | UMass Amherst Philosophy 160

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1 review
by: Jesse Sachs

Week 3 Notes | UMass Amherst Philosophy 160 Philosophy 160

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > PHIL-Philosophy > Philosophy 160 > Week 3 Notes UMass Amherst Philosophy 160
Jesse Sachs
GPA 3.7
Philosophy 160
Christopher Meacham

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About this Document

Hey guys, I'm glad you want purchase these notes. If you find absolutely anything wrong with the quality in such a way that takes away from your studying, contact me IMMEDIATELY at jksachs@umass.ed...
Philosophy 160
Christopher Meacham
Class Notes
umass amherst philosophy 160
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1 review
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"You're awesome! I'll be using your notes all semester :D"
Issac Larson Sr.

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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jesse Sachs on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Philosophy 160 at University of Massachusetts taught by Christopher Meacham in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 415 views. For similar materials see Philosophy 160 in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Massachusetts.

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Reviews for Week 3 Notes | UMass Amherst Philosophy 160

Star Star Star Star Star

You're awesome! I'll be using your notes all semester :D

-Issac Larson Sr.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Hey guys I39m glad you purchased these notes If you find absolutely anything wrong with the quality in such a way that takes away from your studying contact me IMMEDIATELY at jksachsumassedu and I will fix these issues for you free of charge I release notes every single Friday and put out a study guide before each exam Study smarter not harder Week 3 Notes We only met once this week due to the snowstorm Quick Definition 1 Positive Moral Claim You shouldshouldn t X 2 Moral Objectivism There are positive moral claims that are i factive ii true i NonFactivism rejects i ii Moral Nihilism the view that all positive moral claims are false accepts i but rejects ii 3 Moral Facts Things that make positive moral claims true The Observation Principle You should only believe in things that appear in the best explanation of what we observe Ex Electrons YES Chairs YES Witches NO The Obsewamn Arqumet P1 The observation principle P2 Moral facts won t appear in the best explanation of what we observe C We shouldn t believe there are moral facts Responses To The Observation Argument R1 Moral facts WILL appear in the best explanation reject P2 people who believe in this are called moral naturalists R2 The observation principle will condemn mathematics reject P1 1 1 2 Harman s Response You need mathematics for science math gets in through a backdoor R3 The observation principle should be rejected because it is selfundermining The observation principle entails that you shouldn t even believe it More Vocab Ethics What you shouldshouldn t DO Epistemology What we should BELIEVE For this class we will assume that moral objectivism is true and moral nihilism is false otherwise it will be really boring Making A Moral Proposal 1 Write your proposal 2 Give reasons for consistency 3 Check for plausibility especially arbitrariness Example from Moral Judgement Its okay to enslave black people but not white people p1 They have black skin making it okay AKA skin color is morally relevant But why black skin not white skin If you go to the beach and get tan does it make it okay for someone to enslave you p2 Black people can t take care of themselves but the can They can eat food work communicate talk read take shelter and rest So this premise is also false p3 Black people don t have souls This is too arbitrary black people don t have soul but white people do What does that even mean So if none of these reason are right all are wrong then the moral judgment must be wrong


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