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Nutrition & Physical Activity

by: Jessica Martin

Nutrition & Physical Activity 30423

Marketplace > Health Sciences > 30423 > Nutrition Physical Activity
Jessica Martin

Nutrition and Physical Activity

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About this Document

Notes from week 3 1/26/15.
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Class Notes
nutrition, nutrition and physical activity
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Martin on Friday January 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 30423 at a university taught by Dr.Shah in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views.


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Date Created: 01/29/16
22616 Ch 2 cont and Ch 10 o Randomized Control Trial the strongest design Subjects are assigned to experimental certain protocol or control groupnorma habitsconventional approach the experimental makes a change while the control does not 0 Parallel vs crossover design Parallel subjects must be in experimental OR control group EXAMPLE lupus chol lowering dietgp OR control Crossover subjects can serve in experimental AND control group the subject essentially serves as his own control EXAMPLE HP meal HMF mean OR HMF meal HP meal do both less people needed Doubleblinded study where the researcher AND the subject doesn t know which group the subject is in Only the statistician knows which is which Reduces the placebo effect and reduces bias on the part of the investigator EXAMPLE Patients depression omega 3 fats supplements or placebo investigator and subjects don t know 0 Reduction of placebo effect starts to feel better about treatment when though it has no relation to the treatment 0 Peer ReviewFollowup Studies 0 Submitting your ndings to journals reviewed by peers so you ensure objectivity with correct techniques proper ndings Publishing your data One study isn t enough the results are not generalizable you must add variability to the studies Followup studies one study is never enough to prove a hypothesis and cannot generalize results to different groups 0 Evaluating NutritionExercise Claims 0 Beware of personal experiences exaggerations placebo effect not credible etc noncredibedisreputabe publication sources focus on government organizations like NIH CDC USDA Surgeon General etc Also professional organizations like AHA FDA USDA NIH CDC ADA etc lack of supporting evidence only advantages are discussed claims made about dramatic results rarely true Curing disease or new or secret scienti c breakthrough extremely bias against the medical community 0 Note speci cs about the study duration type pop key words that don t con rm is linked to is related to is associated with infomercials practitioners who prescribe mega doses examine produced carefully 0 Dietary Supplement Health amp Education Act 1994 classi ed many substancesvitamins minerals amino acids and herbal remedies as quotfoodquot These substances are NOT always tested for safetyeffectiveness the FDA is restricted by this act doesn t have control This allows the quotfoodquot to be sold easily without proper screening by the FDA Now they must prove that it is unsafe before preventing the sale 0 STUDIES TO READ FOR HW green tea supplement herbal supplementsmany had non of the active ingredients 0 Another guy was trying to help his liver now he can t exercise 0 TEST questions are articles Ch 10 Fitness and Sports Objectives bene ts of exercise exercise prescription energy sources for muscles energy needs for an active person meals before during and after endurance exercise ergogenic aids protein supplement Assignments for Chapter 10 due on Thurs 24 0 Complete questionnaires on quotEvaluate Protein lntake A Case Studyquot and quotHow Physically Fit Are Youquot Both questionnaires are posted on e college as one le 0 Evaluate an advertisement on a nutrition exercise ergogenic aid Print and provide the advertisement Type at least one page evaluating the advertisement using the chapter 2 guidelines on study methods and how to evaluate nutrition and exercise claims


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