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Week 1 of Notes Probability Theory and Statistics

by: Michelle Schmutz

Week 1 of Notes Probability Theory and Statistics 3341

Marketplace > University of Texas at Dallas > General Engineering > 3341 > Week 1 of Notes Probability Theory and Statistics
Michelle Schmutz
GPA 3.3
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About this Document

Covers the first week of the lecture
Probability Theory and Statistics
Dr. Mohammed Saquib
Class Notes
Probability, Statistics




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michelle Schmutz on Friday January 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 3341 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by Dr. Mohammed Saquib in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 82 views. For similar materials see Probability Theory and Statistics in General Engineering at University of Texas at Dallas.


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Date Created: 01/29/16
wakened if* Iffionlyd Week ¥1 Jargon -et- agrou!fthings €et - intersectionntl Ⱦ i.fruits f o compexclusive •tomat€fruios .⾨gg. Collectivelyive • Effr;its '*× eA Partitions celery Theorems'SLaw ,or" XEAVBIH andxeB DeMorgan Somethi-gthtworestrictionstmustsatisfytleasto.e ielhechanasofthedierolliyonomevennumbeofrona teof lanonag3Ⱦ×3vDV emn&×3 landing6Ⱦeven&x3# , "and, C XEAAB iffXEA and XEB Somethinghat'alwaysparty anoththinghatit cannotexist witho.t i.Tomatoes fruitsall to tomatoes F wouldalsore ..Tomatoessaresthemselves , AND fruitssappear U_niȾU ' - XEA Sun moon,toutedSpace & *Space & & •thesunisnotthemoon * m S & andnoSpace manSun * " & •themoonisotthe &nsotunt,on Ⱦ 8 M ma sunrspace alsonotsun gc Spacesneithere alsno€oon $ Suorthe Moon ¥ iff ×€A - -0 Aintj , itj Can neverbe togetherorhappen atthesametine i.e. dierollingn an odd devein number. O E 0={1,3/5} E={ 2,4} Ⱦ As UAZU ..V An 㱺 The parts of the whole don't overlap , but all the pieces add up to a picture o, or the set . ie. stained Ⱦ or mosaicss picture Some parts Make up Iron Man 's arm , others his helment .etc . Those Sets make this not mutually exclusivea.ts Ai ,.., An Theparts make a whole (collectivelyxhaustive ) but don't at all ( exclusive ) , overlap mutually ie .the three primary colors Universals Demorguisltow All the that canbe consideredinasisituation ColmeBlue Red Element Part A singularpart of a set A- UBJE AN Bc 1 Let XE (AUBT , 㱺 XEAUB ± A B G§FaIEIEII¥c 㱺 × E AC & XE Bc = ×¥ A tx¢B 㱺 xe LAUBY ex) Let A be a set . B E A and C E A B C A i. Bc A Cc = the complements B and C of B C A ii.An C the A and C A and intersection ; C of B C A ii. A Uc = the union i A and C A orC of B C A Jargon axioms outcome Samplespace event : observation an . Outcome Any possible of experiment ex) If marlin and are over who and Douglas arguing gets shotgun they decide to flip a coin to Settle things . However , Martin insists from the to do the best 2 out 3 because he beginning of of Knows he has bad . Martin picks tails . What all ? are the possible outcomes :{ck h Experiment hh , = Douglas wins h h t , htt , = Martin wins Event - th / / th h , there are 8 possible outcomes and t¥ ht no which will occur . th ' way of knowing h } Arthur Knows likes tea with without If ex ) Carolyn her or sugar . he brings her tea for every meal throughout the day , the able her the . what are peas outcomes of adding sugar : { 0 1 2 3 } E ,={ 1 2,3 } ȼ Carolynhad at Experiment , ^ , , , 9 of least1 cup with of Sugar / sYqm µtsuygMqif] g={ 3 } ȼ Carolyn had sweetened weekend tea for meal She has 1 mal with She has2 meals with every ffesdoegyjttewham Sweetenedteal Sweetenedtea Event : a set outcomes an experiment of of - &SampleSpa= the finest grain , mutually exclusive , collectively exhaustive set all outcomes of possible Set and Probabili=yTheory Zipllels element outcome universal set || space Set Sephia - W general in an experiment Axioms - Nomaltd A) 20 how small , everything within the sample space has a chance of occurring Ⱦ P(0)=O 2 PCS ) = 1 - All outcomes occur within the Sample space Ⱦ = = a Ac PCD =L PCAUAD = PCA ) + pour w=z - put 3 AiAj=0 ; i=j Ⱦ sum of the properties - PTAUAZU .=PtAD+ MAD +...Pan) Ⱦ PCAU B) A B ABK - BAL I :B ' A = AB UAB HAHTAAHRAA ' PCAUB )¥¥tbBs+Ua±B+YYfas ' B= BA UAB } I I µ Pate PCBAIHCAB ) (A) + PCBH=P + PCABHKAD = Put PLB ) -PCA B) + have to subtract this because you'llbe counting Some elements twice if you don't probability rolling a die on of an even number or on a . multiple 063 2.4.63 M=E3 6 E 6¥={ µ , }


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