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Week 4

by: Abby Klinker

Week 4 ANSC 221: Animal health and Nutrition

Abby Klinker
GPA 2.5
ANSC 221: Animal health and Nutrition

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About this Document

This is the notes for week for of the Course Animal Science: Animal Nutrition. The tops covered are; Vitamin: E,K,C, Thiamine,B2, Niacin,B6,Folic Acid,Choline,B12 and Biotin. The Red highlighted wo...
ANSC 221: Animal health and Nutrition
Class Notes
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This 53 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abby Klinker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANSC 221: Animal health and Nutrition at Purdue University taught by Forsyth in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 72 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
week 4 Animal Science 221 Animal Nutrition vitamin E Tocopherols protects membranes Selenium Prevents muscle liver and blood vessel degeneration Deficiency symptoms liver cells die Stiff lamb disease White muscle disease calves Exudative Diathesis chickens reproductive failure calves lambs muscular degeneration Chicks softening of brain pigs severe liver damage muscular weakness heart muscle affected with sudden death func on enzymes systems biological antioxidant tissue respiration phosphorylation reactions synthesis of Ascorbic acid Vitamin C Vitamin E Selenium exact interrelation not known enzootio muscular dystrophies in sheep and cattle can be prevented by administering SE or E nutritional enoephalomalaoia in chick or muscular dystrophy by E but not Selenium Units 1 U milligram of synthetic a tocopheryl acetate SOUFCGS Good wheat green forage soybean bad corn cottonseed meals Vitamin K Vitamin k blood clotting microbial synthesis compounds have vitamin K activity phylloquinone green Plants naturally occurring naphthoquinone Vitamin K2 menadione K3 most active synthetic compound no longer aloud for humans func ons necessary for the formation of prothrombin blood clotting bone formation Circulatory system deficiency symptoms prolonged clotting time hemorrhage seldom a problem synthesis occurs by microbes even in non ruminants practically add to non ruminant diets anyway berare moldy sweet clover poisoning coumarol converted to dicoumarol by mold Vita C Vitamin C Lascorbic acid reproduction of part of an account of the effects of scurvy anson39s voyage round the world 17401744 as recorded by richard walter 626961 men died of scurvy rounding cape horn func ons important role in various oxidationreduction mechanism in living cells electron transport important for normal collagen metabolism hydroxyproline from proline and hydroxylysine from lysine other roles eosubstance in certain mixed function oxidations dopamine to norepinephrine reqd with ATP for plasma Fe into ferritin MOST ANIMALS MAKE THEIR OWN VITAMIN C except humans deficiency symptoms scurvy edema weightless emaciation diarrhea structural defects delayed wound healing controversy Linus pauling vitamin C and the common cold B complex vitamins thiamine B1 choline Riboflavin BZ biotin Niacin b12 pyridcxine B6 pantcthenic acid folic acid Thiamine Thiamine form esters coenzyme in oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvic acid deficiency accumulation of pyruvic acid and its reduction products lactic acid Wider distributed in foods cereal grains therefore little problem usually for live stock deficiency Beri BEri in humans loss of appetite emaciation muscular weakness and progressive dysfunction of nervous system Pigs appetite growth vomiting respiratory problems Chicks polyneuritis Nerve degeneration and paralysis Some feeds bracken raw fish contain thiaminase which destroys thiamine extra is added to diets of Cats Riboflavin BZ Riboflavin BZ part of flavoproteins transport H or electrons FAD FMN oxidationreduction reactions limited storage Do NEED to Add to nonruminant diets Cereals are poor SOUFCG Deficiency symptoms pigs poor appetite slow growth vomiting skin and eye problems chick curled toe paralysis from nerve degeneration Hen Poor hatchability embryonic abnormalities ectodermal tissues skin eye nervous system cataracts slow growth repro inc stillbirth requirement proportional to energy intake NIACIN nicotinamide nicotinic acid formed from tryptophan not in reverse not best to rely upon active group of 2 important coenzymes NAD NADP deficiency pellagra in humans black tongue in dogs poor growth enteritis dermatitis in pigs high corn diets are a problem because corn contains itte niacin or tryptcphan pellagra diarrhoea dermatitis dementia gastrointestinal problems affected tongue swollen beefy anorexia symmetrical appearing dermatitis parts exposed to light or heat mental symptoms mental symptoms lassitude apprehension depression loss memorie disorientation confusion hysteria manic outbursts it gets worse encephalopathy stupor delirium uncontrolled reflexes BS Pyridoxine BS main function amino acid decarboxylation and deamination BS deficiency poor growth anemia nervous symptoms demyelination of peripheral nerves other degenerative changes reduced antibody response needed for normal reproduction increase requirement during pregnancy and oral contraceptive use pantothenic acid pantothenic acid component of ooenzyme A fatty acid breakdown CHO oxidation therefor USE OF ENERGY Deficiency goose stepping in pigs nervous inooordination diarrhea loss of hair skin problems poor growth widely distributed in plants and not a serious problem Folic acid folacins 3 associated compounds have activity movement of1 carbon residues 000 and CH3 synthesis of purines and amino acids related with B12 folic deficiencies anemia like B12 but not cured with B12 poor growth poor feathering biggest problem is people pregnancy neural tube defects 4 mgday needed need more than diet can provide problems occur 1830 days after conception only poultry pregnant women and kids normally need it added but also protects against heart disease cervical colon and breast cancer SERIOUS PROBLEMS neural tube defects Spina bifida open spine meningomyelocele myelocytes anencephaly open skull encephalocele gap in skull cho ne choHne unlike the other vitamins less like a vitamin actually used up can be replaced by other substances like betaine and methionine methyl donor light and fluffy highest number of pigs litter large quantity needed B12 B12 Cyanocobalamin contains cobalt APF original animal protein factor Antipernicious anemia factor leading to death B12func on synthesis of RNA and DNA Chemistry of methyl groups INTRINSIC FACTOR in order to absorb B12 need intrinsic factor from the stomach choline deficiency slow growth fatty liver POROSIS also Mn slip tendon poultry reduced litter size in pigs therefore add extra to sows diet B12 deficiency Pernioious Anemia pernicious means leading to death All the symptoms of starvation Biotin Biotin Contains Sulfur Role in fat synthesis problems with skin dermatitis loss of hair avidin in raw egg whites inactivates it widely distributed HYPERVITAMINOSIS water soluble vitamins unusual reach renal threshold high enough doses can be pharmacologic Fat soluble vitamins AD toxic too much Niacin hot flashes


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