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Lecture 1/21/16

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1 review
by: tanillemonica

Lecture 1/21/16 101- Communications

GPA 3.71
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About this Document

Introduction to COM101: what is Communication
The World of Communication
Tammy vigil
Class Notes
COM101, BU, Vigil




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1 review
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"You can bet I'll be grabbing tanille studyguide for finals. Couldn't have made it this week without your help!"
Madisyn Cole

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by tanillemonica on Saturday January 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 101- Communications at Boston University taught by Tammy vigil in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see The World of Communication in Journalism and Mass Communications at Boston University.

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Reviews for Lecture 1/21/16

Star Star Star Star Star

You can bet I'll be grabbing tanille studyguide for finals. Couldn't have made it this week without your help!

-Madisyn Cole


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Date Created: 01/30/16
What is Communication?  Responding to others as a means of sharing information with others by using symbols as the common system that defines the process by which human behavior is translated.  4 Standards of communication 1. Process 2. Human 3. Shared 4. Symbolic 1. Process [see graph at end]  Communication broadens the overlap  Noise: Psychological, Physiological, and Physical distractions- anything that interrupts communication Ex: Psychological: racial stereotypes or a wandering mind, physiological: headache or hunger, physical: fire alarm or elevator music Communications: objects used to communicate Communication: the process of communications 2. Human  Can humans communicate with animals?  Dogs sympathize w/ humans VS Humans encoding/decoding and inferring for animals (assuming what animals mean)  Humans choose this limitation  Humans decide what & who is communication- proves for more relatable findings, creating boundaries, and professionally practical  As Communicators…  Kenneth Burke defines humans: are symbol users, misuser, and creators  Creators: Inventors of the negative: the designed symbol system creates values which classify good and bad  Guided by the spirit of hierarchy  Users: Humans use symbols to understand our place in the world  Our greater purpose/ our calling- unlike animals who do not understand the place of others in the world.  Creators: Separated ourselves from the natural conditions of things by instruments of our own making.  Humans= abstract ideas unlike animals  Creators & Misusers: Rotten w/ perfection: Humans are unable to stop ourselves from the endless journey of trying to achieve perfection  Never satisfied ex: the evolution cellphones Field of Experience Important vocabulary from Chapter 1: Human Communication: What & Why  Functions of communication  Physical Needs: The number and intensity of relationship can impact our health, research finds lack of it encourages sickness.  Identity Needs: Through communication we establish who we are- our identity come from others in the way we interact with others.  Social Needs: A Vital link with others- the only way we are able to satisfy: pleasure, affection, inclusion, escape, relaxation, and control  Practical Needs: Without communication we would not be able to function properly since there would be no basis for understanding anything or anyone  Characteristics  Wide range of behaviors  Creates a greater possibility of successful communNoiseon occurring  The ability to choose the most appropriate Behavior  Having variety person to person  Skill at performing behavior  Once the most appropriate way to communicate need to have the skills to perform effectively  Empathy/ Perspective talking  People have better chances of developing an Feedback effective when they understand others point  Cognitive complexity  The ability to construct a variety of frameworks to Receiver view an issue- makes sense of people using perspectives  Self- monitoring  Pay attention to one’s behavior and using these observations to shape the way one behaves  Commitment to the relationship Encoder  People who seem to can communicate better, concern= connection= better communicating Communication is nurtured Class/ Race/ Gender change how we communicate. Sender  Communication Competence: The process of accomplishing one’s goals in such a manner that it overall maintains or enhances the relationship in which it was presented being situational, relational, and learned behavior The process of communication: Medium (Channel)


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