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Week of Feb 2

by: Sami Nielson

Week of Feb 2 Geology 101

Sami Nielson
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sami Nielson on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Geology 101 at Washington State University taught by Wilkie in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 131 views.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Week 222015 Mineral groups Silicates Most abundant in crust Dominant in all 3 rock groups Isolated single chain double chain sheet framework Nonsilicates Carbonites oxides sul des sulfates native elements Some minerals have nice crystal forms some do notWhy lf mineral has space amp grows slowly it will form nicely If many minerals grow at the same time amp touch they will often grow together Why are mineral important We use minerals in everyday life and we always have Not all minerals are good for us Mercury asbestos o Asbestos commercial de nition for federal regulation purposes for minerals that are exible chemically and thermally resistant and can be woven Fibrous crystal form Previously used in building products amp insulation Tiles ceiling Libby Montana popped Mica releasing asbestos All 6 types of asbestos under the name asbestos only 1 causes cancer but they are all treated exactly the same not a good thing very costly to change all How do minerals form Chemical reactions Crystallization growth of solid from a gas or solid 1 Lower temp 2 Evaporites evaporation of water ions come together to form mineral Salt deposits are found worldwide Evaporates forming Bonnevile Salt Flat in Utah and Death Valley in California Gypsum amp anhydrite used to make sheet rock for interior walls of houses Hydrothermal uids minerals formed by hot water circulation of water through hot rock or magma chamber dissolve elements hot acid solution is able to leach picking up metals hot uids rise and precipitate metals out those are left behind and concentrated Open pit mining strip mining Tintaya Peru copper minerals Binghampit Utah Cali Gold Rush 4 High heat amp pressure allows different minerals to form while still in solid state nothing melts Garnet UJ Forms by diffusion slow movement of atoms due to thermal energy heat What makes a gem Corundum ruby same thing 1 Beauty 2 Transparent 3 Brilliance enhanced by cutting and polishing uniqueness 4 Durability based on hardness 5 Rarity or perceived rarity Gold gems diamonds can be concentrated by placer deposits Diamonds Covalent bonds 10 on hardness Polymorphs of graphitecarbon Form in the mantle Very old 3 billion years old Brought to surface through Kimberlite pipes volcanic pipes Can be found in placer deposits Uses gems cutting Minerals to rocks One or two minerals combining together to make a rock Rock appearance 1 Mineralogy 2 Texture size shape arrangement of minerals coarse ne layered etc 3 major rock types Igneous form by the solidi cation of molten rock or melt Make up bulk of earth39s crust Earth39s mantle is basically a giant igneous rock Sedimentary form by either cementing together fragments of preexisting rocks or by precipitation of mineral crystals out of water solutions at or near the earth39s surface Metamorphic form when preexisting rocks change character in solid state as a response to temp amp pressure change Location of rocks in nature outcrops road cuts stream beds drilling Types of Igneous rocks Extrusive Forms when magma erupts at surface lava Cools rapidly Crystal size smaller Fast cooling Aphanitic too ne to be distinguished without a microscope Pyroclastic ejected into air Vesicuar void spaces that gas bubbles porous Glassy extremely fast cooling Fragmental pyroclastic lots of fragments welded together explosive eruption of ash and rocks into air lntrusive Forms when magma cools underground Does not erupt at surface Cools slowly Crystals bigger Phaneritic coarse grained Pegmatitic very large grains Mixed texture Porphyrite 2 distinct crystal sizes 2 cooling stages 0 Phenocrysts big crystals slow cooling 0 Matric very ne fast cooling Composition The silicates silica other elements major constituents of igneous rocks lgneous magmas lavas and rocks categorized by of silica content relative to other elements Felsic high in silica content light colored Intermediate intermediate silica intermediate color Ma c low silica dark colored Ultrama c lowest silica dark colored lgneous rocks are not evenly distributed because of partial melting and plate tectonics


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