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Priming notes for Comm in Society

by: Kelsey Donahue

Priming notes for Comm in Society 1101

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Communication Studies > 1101 > Priming notes for Comm in Society
Kelsey Donahue
GPA 3.5
Communication in Society
Brad Bushman

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About this Document

Communication in Society
Brad Bushman
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelsey Donahue on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1101 at Ohio State University taught by Brad Bushman in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see Communication in Society in Communication Studies at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Priming 02062015 Class Notes Friday Feb 6th 2015 I am on right side of class and these are my words knife murder attack Spear stab hit ght Rope 9have 10Cut Started off with this in class activity 0 Where the right side saw weapons 0 left side saw ordinary objects 0 then asked to ll in blanks for ten different words 0 right side lled in with mostly violent aggressive words while left side more ordinary words and fewer violent words CDNOWU39lbULJNl l This exercise illustrates Priming particularly the weapons effect 0 on average people who see weapons will think more aggressive words What is the Weapons effect quotGuns not only permit violence they can stimulate it as well The nger pulls the trigger but the trigger may also be pulling the gurequot Leonard Berkowitz this means that the MERE PRESENCE of a weapon increases aggressive behavior thoughts and feelings Example Berkowitzs and Lepage did a study in 1967 on the weapons effect 0 They had participants deliver eclectic shocks as a form of feedback depending on how well the person did on a paper On table with participant was either a type of weapon a tennis racket or nothing The results shows that people with the prescence of 0 Weapon more shock given 0 Or tennis racket gave less 0 No object same as racket Continuing this study they tested it in the real world 0 Independent variable had man driving a pickup truck with on the back either Two ri es and bumper sticker that read Vengeance Two ri es and bumper sticker that read Friend And then nothing on the last 0 The test car pulled up to traffic light and when it turned green he didn t move Therefore when he didn t move came the dependent variable being percent age of motorist who honked Resu s 0 two ri es and vengeance most honked 65 two ri es and friend middle 45 honked Nothing less than 30 honked Meta analysis of weapons effects studies 0 56 of studies that the mere sight of weapons increase aggression both angry and non angry individuals larger effects when aggression target is an outgroup member or low status someone you do not like larger effects when aggressive acts can cause more harm to victim O 0 example of Is it Iraq ir ferguson Missouri Two different pictures of both places Very simliary violent looking photos What is priming Activates gets in going stimlulates De ned quotA nonconcious form of human memory concerned with perceptual identi cation of words an d ojectsquot Examples 0 Prime an engine pump gas into cynlander to spark re more easily to start 0 Prime the pump government action taken to stimulate the economy 0 Prime a concept in memory 0 Temporary increase in the accessibility of a concept in memory 0 If concept a and b linked together in memory then if you present a then b should be more accessible Stimulating A should make B more active and accessible 0 If concepts in memory and repeatedly activate them you make a threshold for activation lower and then they become chronically accessible 0 Example if you habitual watch porn chances are you are thinking about sex all the time 0 Studies Examples Proof 0 Scrambled sentence task Study 1 elderly vs neutral prime Participants show a series of words and n Unscrambles Played they bingo left regularly young I Unscramlesd Played they music left regularly old n Then studied how long to take walk to places the old were faster then young Study 2 rude vs polite vs neutral a They her bother see usually a They her respect see usually a They her send see usually a Studied the interruption of someone to talking to get the grade credit ones who had bother to unscramble were most interruptive Spreading activation model 0 Memory can be repsresented as a netwoek consisting of nodes and links Nodes are concepts in memory 0 Links are association among concepts Example in the diagram below on powerpoint online of the chart of words leading to other ones triggering other words 0 Like doctor triggers nurse hospital fever dentist so forth Can priming people with aggression concepts increase their actual aggressive behaviors 0 STUDY ABOUT violent media 0 Josephson 1987 study 0 3rd greade boys saw movie clip of 0 one saw violence and walkie talkings used and another not violent another saw just violence only 0 then played hockey and studied the violent acts by players of each study 0 the violent movie and walkie talkies was most violent crew Priming effects of violent media 0 Violent media can prime violent nodes in the associative memory network 0 Activation of these nodes activates other linked nodes in the spreading activation 0 This increases the accessibility of violent thoughts in memory 0 Activation of violent thoughts increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior Answer to the above scenario and proof from the study


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