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ADPR 3530: Week Three

by: Ariana Cammllarie

ADPR 3530: Week Three ADPR 3530

Ariana Cammllarie
GPA 3.83
Online Reputations Management
Dr. Karen Russell

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About this Document

These notes cover the lectures in class on Jan 26 + Jan 28.
Online Reputations Management
Dr. Karen Russell
Class Notes
Online Reputation Management
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ariana Cammllarie on Saturday January 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ADPR 3530 at University of Georgia taught by Dr. Karen Russell in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Online Reputations Management in Advertising at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 01/30/16
Online Reputation Management ADPR 3530 Jan 26 Reputational Crises You can turn to social media in times of global crisis such as hurricane relief and donating to the Red Cross however when a situation comes about make sure you know whether it is an issue or a crisis Issue generally a short term situation unless it is ignored Negative comments complaints Rogue tweets employee sends out message they aren t suppose to o EX Employee drunkenly sends tweet from Red Cross account instead of his personal account gettingslizzard 0 Red Cross plays it off casually beer company Dog sh Beer tagged in the tweet gets free publicity Bad campaigns not meant to be inconsiderate but is presented as such 0 EX Live Nation Ontario had a scheduled tweet for the Radiohead concert that sent when the stage collapsed and had killed people 0 Makes the company look stupid and amateurish Don39t panic keep calm how a company reacts to an issue will determine its reputation in the future Steps to contain an issue 1 Act swiftly 2 Address the problem 3 Tell the story 4 Communicate on the platform it happened 5 Back down if you were in the wrong Crisis presents a long term threat to the company and its reputation survival There are 4 types of crises 1 Activist attacks 2 Rumors 3 Whisper campaigns 4 Anonymous attacks quotCrises are not like ne wines they don t improve with agequot Activist Attacks Brand Vandalism when another organization purposefully tries to ruin your reputation reveal something unpleasant about your company Greenpeace VS Nestle Greenpeace released a parody video of Nestle s Kit Kat bars that showed Orangutans body parts in the wrapper Meant to bring awareness that Nestle s use of palm oil is harmful to the Orangutan population Public outrage on social media demanded Nestle to stop their use of palm oil 0 Nestle released a statement that said only a very small amount of palm oil is used in their candy bars l didn t work 0 Nestle tried to force Greenpeace to take the video down didn t work 0 Nestle decided only then to halt the harvesting of palm oil from Indonesia and partnered with Forest Trust Rumors Cyber Smears can be extremely dangerous once they start snowballing Who started it How did it build Where will it end Rumors are predictable and follow 3 steps 1 Leveling condensing a rumor into something short and easy to understand 2 Sharpening as the rumor is told certain parts get emphasized and more powerful a Depends on what each person nds most interesting 3 Assimilation aspects are added on to the original rumor to keep people interested and make a more coherent story If a brand knows this is how a rumor escalates it helps a brand prepare before its too late The only way to stop a rumor is to address it and tell the truth Whisper Campaigns professionals spread rumors about competing companies in hopes that their pro ts and reputation will suffer astrotur ng rich in money poor in support 0 Pretending to have lots of people behind you supporting you when in reality you don t 0 EX Walmart offering the chance to win 100 gift card if you signed a paper people signed for the money and didn t know they were signing to support a certain movement People plan and execute stories to belittle the competition Similar to rumors but they have a hidden agenda and strategy not ethical Anonymous Attacks people who spread lies for fun internet trolls The more your brand has an online presence the more trolls you will attract Consistently check all online platforms to see if these attacks are occurring so you can stop them How to react to a crisis Apologize and listen to complaints or concerns Train employees to be calm and positive 0 Informing employees of the situation will help defend you Enlist advocates a loyal customer will defend a brand they love Never try to control a crisis seek to inform and be honest Try being less evil always seek to be moral and ethical Pay it forward now a good reputation now can combat crisis down the road jan 28 Handling a Crisis How to handle a crisis Prepare for it Have a good reputation Know assets liabilities of your company Have an online monitoring system in place Write a crisis plan Identify a crisis team Select online media spokespeople Create a list of trusted advisors and stakeholders that could be affected in a crisis situation Know the legal restraints in your industry Create a dark site 0 Use familiar logo design but more somber colors 0 Add contact page any disclaimers 0 Have the login available to multiple trusted employees in case a crisis occurs Guidelines for posting anything related to crisis 1 Admit mistakes 2 Be open and honest 3 Explain how it happened and what you ll do in response 4 Expect it to be shared across social media But DO NOT 5 Speculate 6 Talk off the record 7 Forget mainstream media Online Image Repair What do we do now Defamation spoken or written words that harm the reputation of another that is not true Avoid attacking consumers Send casual message and be speci c Ask for them to remove defame post add nonindex to the HTML Quirky Vs OX0 o Quirky overreacted and went public saying OXO stole their designs 0 OX0 reacted by writing an open letter that explained their side with facts to prove they hadn t stole anything 0 0X0 remained calm and didn t bash Quirky If a company continues to defame you tell them you will take legal action since it is affecting you nancially Send cease and desist letter Report them to domain name registrar Report them to Google Share your side on same platform that the defamation occurred If what they are saying is true there are two theories you can follow Benoit Image Repair Theory or Coombs Situational Crisis Communication Theory Benoit Image Repair Theory Are you responsible Was your action offensive Keep in mind that sometimes you can get blamed for something that is not your fault but you must assume responsibility 0 Nathan Deal was blamed for the ATL snow crisis even though he had no way to prevent help people Message Strategies to respond 1 Denial its wrong and not my fault 2 Evasion of responsibility it was an accident we had good intentions a Good strategy if its someone else s offensive action b Defeasibility lack of control or information 3 Reduce offensiveness of the act by a Bolstering boost yourself up b Minimizing its not that bad c Differentiation compared to its not that bad d Transcendence think you re above the situation e Attack accusers victim blaming f Compensation offer money 4 Corrective action we were wrong but here s how we will prevent future problems apologize only if you are sincere This strategy is only effective if you a Admit mistake b Offer to make it right c Find ways to prevent future problems d Learn from it NOT if you are sorry you got caught or say it because someone was offended Legal aspects of apologizing If you say something incriminating it can be brought in as evidence Convey an apology by saying quotI feel so badquot instead of quotI m so sorry Convey empathy without assuming responsibility Coombs Situational Crisis Communication Theory 1 Identify the type of crisis Are there victims Was it an accidentpreventable 2 Assess your accountability least accountable more sympathy most accountable most anger 3 Change perceptions of the public by reducing the negative effect All victims should receive information and sympathy rst Give more compensation and empathy if you are responsible Only use the denial or attack response if it is a rumor or misbehavior If its true try to have Google delist the attacking site and publish positive information to drown out the negative 0 Black Ops gaming algorithm paying off the gamemaster not ethical and can cause much larger issues After a crisis Add new keywords to monitor deeply monitor for 30 days Add new procedures to ensure it wont happen again Build a strong reputation as a shield 0 Consumers control your reputation so be vigilant honest open active consistent creative and proud


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