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Public Relations Day 1 Notes

by: Geoff Bell

Public Relations Day 1 Notes STCM 232

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Geoff Bell
GPA 3.0
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Public Relations
Arhlene Flowers

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About this Document

Includes the introduction of what Public Relations is and how it has been used around the world. Also explains the differences between Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising.
Public Relations
Arhlene Flowers
Class Notes
Public, relations




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geoff Bell on Saturday January 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to STCM 232 at Ithaca College taught by Arhlene Flowers in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/16
Public Relations Chapter 1 What is Public Relations Overview 0 PR skills 0 Global scope o A variety of definitions 0 Public relations as a Process RACE 0 The components of public relations Lets look at Australia 0 How can PR put Australia on the map as a mustsee place for international travelers Potential barriers to traveling to Australia 0 From the US What could the challenges be in reaching US travelers 0 Distance 0 Money 0 Lack of area knowledge 0 Best Job in the world Contest 0 International publicity Contest announcement generates buzz online and in mainstream media Finding the winner becomes a story and then selecting the winner and the winner s stay in the Great Barrier Skills in Public Relations 0 Public relations professionals must have skills in Written and interpersonal communication Research Negotiation Creativity Logistics Facilitation Problem solving Global Scope 0 The public relations industry is growing in many nations Almost 8 billion spent each year in the US Expected growth of 23 in Asian revenue in the next five years Annual spending of 22 billion in China So what is PR 0 How the dictionary describes PR The actions of a corporation store government individual etc in promoting goodwill between itself and the public the community employees and customers The art technique or profession of promoting such goodwill 0 Another definition from PRSA E New 2012 Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics Old 1982 Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other 0 Public Relations Key Terms Deliberate Planned Performance Public interest Twoway communication Strategic management of competition and conflict Public Relations as a Process RACE The Components of Public Relations Research Counseling Media relations Publicity Employeemember relations Community relations Public affairs Government affairslobbying Financial relations Industry relations Special events Issues management Fund raising Marketing communications trade shows collateral direct mail etc Differences between Journalism and PR Journalists Use only two components writing and media relations Are objective observers Focus on a mass audience Use only one channel PR Professionals Use many components Are advocates Focus on defined publics Use a variety of channels Differences between Advertising and PR Advertising Works through mass media outlets Addresses external audiences Is a communications function Is a communication tool in PR Sells goods and services Public Relations Relies on a variety of communication tools Targets specialized audiences ls broader in scope Fills a support role Creates a favorable environment for an organization s survival How does PR fit in Unlike advertising which completely controls the message by paid endorsements publicity has less control over the messages and timing but has higher credibility and can be the least expensive and the most effective Differences between Marketing and PR Marketing ls concerned with customers and selling products or services Deals with target market consumers and customers Public Relations ls concerned with building relationships and generating goodwill Deals with publics audiences and stakeholders How PR Supports Marketing Eight ways public relations supports marketing 1 2 3 4 5 Develops new prospects Provides third party endorsements Generates sales leads Paves the way for sales calls Stretches dollars 6 Provides inexpensive literature 7 Establishes credibility 8 Helps sell minor products Toward An Integrated Perspective Strategic Communication Concept of integration a To use a variety of strategies and tactics to convey a consistent message in a variety of forms Globalmulticultural Research based Relationship focused Internetnew media oriented Toolboxdriven tactics Becoming a PR practitioner Key knowledge areas The field The communications process Technology Current events Business Management Key personal characteristics A tendency toward communication A desire to counsel senior managers A strong base of personal ethics A willingness to take risks I A positive outlook on life


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