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CHM 116 week 4

by: Gayatri

CHM 116 week 4 CHM 116

GPA 3.91
CHM 116
Dr. Nash

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About this Document

CHM 116
Dr. Nash
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gayatri on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 116 at Purdue University taught by Dr. Nash in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 239 views. For similar materials see CHM 116 in Chemistry at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
n7 1m 7 xq H ransa 331 g a w 392 M 1 439 5 33 1 1 392 ij e m 1 7 H l j lt7 If M Litigz Emma ngU lj N w 139 a a x f once H H 52 3quot t h C it r 4 I2 H30 4 01 4 H20 Hoar 34 3 H quotfgg fb H XO aDu H S2 9 quotH 0 H H 39 quot t5 h 7 r J 3 quotit rib H ro 439 Uaa rQ Sawo quot9 E 9 quot 73 I 9399 act24 H rm 9 353 s H H a quot39 39 i i a wmgcma W s elk960 065 a a q 3W EM kw Hzozj m a E pa 1 r u r 1 a Sf t0 quot 374 quoti39 32 3971 J 5 r 5quot gasquoti5 f r 51 is 3 i V m EM oaootvverzRRR MunLWWTHEE Wa q e Vocab F Vega CW HAM 6r 9 Q Xa CH3 03 h NM Kr mm b faGk Sun m Si m rquot 4 3 39 innit139 39 2 Sp AW gs mrao mm 4quot WEW 394 Egm W33 3 WW m OV OFUM lllw m arth 32in quot d J i p sni di l 39 E39M39 i m quotw quota E hf unsa a an 61 Is Me matings53 am WWW 0336 W if M MiaquotJ 3quotquot 77 i3 g j quot A F 7 3 1 V s dv vm VXY g L r 2 imp ff JC m 1 52 ff I j i 3 0741 22 f K g itquot A r92 I t ff quot Ta k a quot a In i 3 mde wdrHLn 1 Mg E 27 quotSlOwQSwL 36 3 if u Ps39w 5 1 it 3 0 15m 4 1310 7 i 39H WNJF aw 3 iift39 39 c k flap y 7 a MCI 3x I f39 n J I it LAME1 1flk farm 649 raw LC r ILMLP vSQQ f UD la 72 in m 437quot lt at y a e an 0 I M 3quot912 431quot a rmm mm m quot quot395quot P 4quot W COLCMM fa hf 5 if 3amp5 395 f7 if i L w p r V 1 1L L jf fi ffquot V n jff ML 6 HZ f t 94 5 FEM firw fquot 39gt onto Cure V r 5251 32 HZ39Ozj m i p 9995 33 quot 9 ma ctw if mostquot w a 3 WWW Cujpr gt rm k V3 Hp k 7 f p m 2 J i 2a H I in rmuwm v V 39 I r I v i Ewe dG quota iv w 9 BILQP 01km 63 i KSHP CD 5 hi H2023 1 r NW5 393105 gab 9 ROE 1 3H s k 093 59110 23 2 5 W03 WEI GO MJL if ma 3 l Hi w 1 W i 39 wi m 3 n 77 A 7 I am 7 N J W Li G V M p VCM QJ Q 3 D me L OVV39T39T ll 3quot r n 1 if Bk1 49 0 3quot P WK 0 f 1120 m 50 J quot a 9 Com3e hi Gucbo riskm0 meo Obs quotx0 mm 1quot SONEgo Li s mo 01 mow 9 v1 7 nil rquot H a v gti H quot if 1 H J Iquot Ol t0 1 D I 39 1 ngggfjquot 1 Q m39nrmlvms m H a 5b 9 P r 3 0 f 10 gt 0 KO b h Imusquot H quot165 I 1 D 1 i 392 39EJ ix x 01quot 3 05L M99 1 103 gsgo 5w 7 H 90 9 u V me ma m u 301 9 HQ O39 101 393 Q L13O 1F 0315 798 441 KCHQOZJL39Egj JTQSEE 39 Mm rm Q m32I a J L0 7L0 mfgw f 1 5 J 3 a f g 6f WXML9HH39SMJ wr ze l Wax gran amp 20 4 Pg 314 I quotquot I k 91420 O 27 2W1 mgr 53quot a mm 2 1305 e e Sm L 0 1cm amp5 f 3quot a C310 W c a H 2 22M 5 35 303M Wq i ki a u Mm n quot WCquot fff i I Jr a lag vi 239 W r ir w 12 055 3 brow 093 ew Cm w fwbm 39 E 9 dr0r F f 1 4533 77 l 3 cm erc J def KW 3 H 5 Ca 3 12 r yaw Friquot 541quot a S I 39 r 391 i J i A I a i I V quot539 vv 3 w d ff f in j J r 39r in 15 if 395 Raj E g f 5 Po H my k a I C 7 flu Jab Hth 5 m Ea Fe 534913 29 m to WI Eos mm a quotquot quot39quot quot k w E 39 IMJ757F quot E 29 mm 3 k4 r033 093 l 4 931 using 015 meg ch9 HQ n Vrad i wgi ti f i 39 ism2 00 cms m a g r 5799 LC 511413 a Eaqu iw g i dig W 3 11 M Kim


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