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CE Materials Week 4 Notes

by: Aaron Bowshier

CE Materials Week 4 Notes CIVILEN 3510

Aaron Bowshier
GPA 3.52
CIVILEN 3510 - Civil Engineering Materials
Shive Chaturvedi

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About this Document

This includes everything from the lecture. Most of this information may be very important for the first midterm. These notes should be very helpful for early studying.
CIVILEN 3510 - Civil Engineering Materials
Shive Chaturvedi
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aaron Bowshier on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIVILEN 3510 at Ohio State University taught by Shive Chaturvedi in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see CIVILEN 3510 - Civil Engineering Materials in Engineering and Tech at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
WEEK 4 Types of stress SHAN SOMAYAJI 3 Stress CE 451 CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS Stress can be de ned as the measure of a force acting on a unit area of an imaginary section through a body EHJEHAFi Axial TAXIAL v Direct 5 Compressive lti i igt i 3x5 Shearing AmMmmn v Bending Normal Flexural Axial Stresses Axial compression Shear Stresses Beam in bending BENDING 7 Compression 4 7 Tensmn Neutral Axis Compressive stress Tensile stress Bending Normal and Flexural stresses are produced by external forces that create a bending moment CE 451 CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS SHAN SOMAYAJI a Shear Deformation Change in length measured parallel to the direction or the shear forces b Shear Strain Shear deformation per unit length measured perpendicular to the direction of the shear force 4 Poisson s Ratio Ratio of lateral strain normal to the axial direction to axial strain when loaded along the axis Most materials range from 015 04 5 Stiffness a relative measure of the deformability of a load under load measured in terms of its modulus of elasticity 6 Elasticity The property of the material that enables it to change it to change its length volume or form in direct response to an applied force and to recover its original size or form when the load is completely removed 7 Elastic Limit The maximum stress below which a material will fully recover its original form upon the removal of applied forces 8 Proportional Limit The maximum stress below which the ratio between the stress and strain is constant 9 Yielding Point Point on the stress strain curve where the stress is constant but the material is stretching without increase in load 10 Ultimate Strength The maximum stress that can be applied to a material before it fractures EHKS UNIV 535 l 39r CE 451 CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS SHAN SOMAYAJI I HEEEF I L JnmI E strength 39 Change from 1 original notes Material dpmm quotquotquotquot manna Elastic Limit r 1 g Proportional quot1 Point 1 r quot19 Matenal Ea nuuu hlel n V 3 quot eld strength Proportional limit I E i 4 Strain HEELt 11 Modulus of Elasticity I Ratio of stress to strain below the proportional limit I There are three moduli of elasticity which corresponds to three types of stresses Modulus of elasticity in Tension Compression Shear I The modulus of elasticity in compression or tension is referred to as Young s Modulus CE 451 CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS SHAN SOMAYAJI Tangent at f gt If Iquot f I m r I I Initial tangent zquot I r 7 I If V w quot Tangent modulus r 1 1 i r I x at 7 It I E3 II M I 7 I a I Initial tangent modulus E I I I 7 I I I I I 7 f Secant modulus If I39 It I Stress a strain diagram II If r r I l f I Iquot I Strain 16 Modulus of elasticitm VI Ductile amp Brittle Materials Plasticity is the property of a material that enables it to retain permanent set or deformation without fracture Construction materials are divided into two classes 1 Plastic or ductile see written notes 2 Brittle see written notes hitJi g 235 r in J L 31 r 3911 u A 1 I quotFELIPE 39En quotmt 4E3 I uquot Jl in HE w i1 n V m V7 397 mm 94 n3sz CEFEI gjz rja W39LWSTEI Firth 1 d1 EDIT IE ELizrmzm g F DL E J 5quot LE L4 J rnjgg EELTSE J m r E a 914 I CL Hi u 1 F d 393 1 139VDLFW 7 h V E 451 u Hi 535 n 1r aw D 4 I a I mn E an a Iaminquot I39ll illI 39 quotI 39l r muquot m n N am a 1ij Wm mas CI L73 a my E U I I I q d 39 I i I39 1139 IllL39I II39II39l Ef hm am on 39I gl an DEA 1 r lr I I E v39 quotquot13 g i Piaf s k A mm mm a Yam cumM 2 nquot m 1 Lv Yield iquot 9 a 1 LMJHLSx 3 Mills 4 3 I 39 Ckmae rn CrnS o SWH ILSA 39 Aquot x oo Mpg a S r39HxI Ha ha in d MVH LAquot 61 C 39 d ltio quota a at e TTLENI ES S 3 ND mfff rcimblb 3L5pr 39p r39mn Ham 1quot SUd39ol HHVW le h WMILSamp5 quotS H tinL rm ww g quot J Ea ElmHu


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