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Philosophy Week 3 Notes

by: Samantha Notetaker

Philosophy Week 3 Notes PHIL 1305.287

Samantha Notetaker
Texas State
GPA 4.0
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About this Document

These notes cover the rest of the readings and class discussions, as well as the argument reconstructions we worked on in class. Also includes all of the information about what is going to be on ou...
Philosophy and Critical Thinking
Ellen Bridge Stansell
Class Notes
philosophy, texas state, Test Information, test, Berkeley, Russell, Argument Reconstruction




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha Notetaker on Saturday January 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 1305.287 at Texas State University taught by Ellen Bridge Stansell in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Philosophy and Critical Thinking in PHIL-Philosophy at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 01/30/16
Opening Discussion/review for test • Berkeley's view and one sentence reason for his view: ⿞(BAD EXAMPLE OF TEST ANSWER) No mind-independent reality exists because all our experiences are subject, mind-dependent perceptions of our senses. • Russell's view and a one sentence reason for his view: ⿞It's reasonable to think that the world is real around us because we are able to explain our sensory data that we have perceived. We can't be sure there's a real world, but it is reasonable to assume so. (like a doctor, they have their own treatment plans for the same issues) Reconstruction of Russell's arguments: (Vocab to include: ⿞Sense data ⿞explain/explanation ⿞instinctive belief ⿞simplicity/principle of simplicity) *tip, skip paragraphs 3-5* Tips on how to find Premises: • look for new ideas that haven't been addressed yet • You experience an "ah-hah" moment • linking old idea with new ideas that have been previously addressed • you get confused or lost • you start to see how the conclusion is going to be supported TEST TIP: She will give you the important vocab that is needed in premises most likely for the first test. Want one idea per premise for the most part, but if you cover all the ideas and structure thats what is important. Actual Work on the Readings: My version P1. We cannot justify the independent existence of other people's bodies, so instead it is far simpler to rely on our instinctive belief that this is true. P2. The sensory data we perceive is essentially irrefutable due to an inherent primitive certainty, whether it is real or not. P3. As humans, we have universally acknowledged sensory data and shared experiences that we all perceive subjectively. P4. While we are able to dream outside of our accepted sense perceptions, the principle of simplicity applies to the reality of our world. P5. Sense data tells us that a cat, only existing in our minds, would not be able to have a growth in hunger over time, and therefore sense datum outside of what we are feeling cannot exist. P6. Our instinctive belief eases our ability to trust in the external world through simplicity and the harmony of our ideas. P7. While philosophy does not given us absolute certainty in our beliefs, it allows us to expand upon and explore them on a deeper level. C. While we cannot definitively prove the existence of matter, reliance on our instinctive beliefs far simplifies our lives while still allowing us to explore the possibilities of the world around us. Teacher Notes on Reading: • A common confusion/point people miss: ⿞People assume the goal is real objects, so he goes to look for how to prove that. ⿞One way he accomplishes this, is saying that sense data cannot provide real evidence for real objects. ⿞How can we explain our sense data? There are physical objects and they serve to explain sense data. TEST 1 Info: • On Russell readings ( 1 & 2) and the Berkeley readings ⿞know the vocab, views, and arguments ⿞be able to describe views and arguments of Berkeley & Russell • Be able to reconstruct a new argument from Berkeley that we haven't done yet, but will be from the reading assignment (probably want to re-read each paragraph and look at quizzes) • Only 4 questions. You will essentially write 4 paragraph answers for each. • She will bring blue books but we need to bring a pen or pencil to write in. • Example of question: ⿞Describe Berkeley's view and one example of how he argues for his view ⿞TEST TIP: Flesh out arguments. Write more than one sentence, you will be graded on content. So the more you put the better you will probably do. • To study, look at teacher's argument reconstructions. • Do not memorize teachers words and then spit them back on the test. That will get you a 0. Look at arguments to be familiar but don't just spit them back or just reword them. Think in your own words. Prove the information that you know not her words.


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