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2-6 Anth 203 lecture

by: Alejandra Gutierrez

2-6 Anth 203 lecture 3446

Marketplace > Washington State University > 3446 > 2 6 Anth 203 lecture
Alejandra Gutierrez
GPA 3.8
Anthropology 203

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About this Document

These are the notes for Friday, I hope they are helpful. It has some things that were said before the lecture and during the lecture, as well as what was on the slides. They are typed and organized...
Anthropology 203
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandra Gutierrez on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 3446 at Washington State University taught by Abdul-Karim in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
About the paper Need Name of culture Social issue Name of film doesn t need to be cited 2 Sources AAA what counts is trying Wants to see if there are people who investigate this Think about language Listen in to conversations and notice the difference or similarities People born with the ability to make all sounds but once we reach 5 years we lock on to the sounds our culture makes Environment Kalahari Desert Little water Very hot summers very cold winters freezing f thinking about lifestyle of San truly hunter using the environment People did not die from lack of food There are grasses and shrubs People think desert that there s no water But there s water in roots and other plants Substance Nomadic foragers They make sure not to strip resources from an area Nomadic is an idea people have to move in random pattern depending on circumstances But it is not The Kung move to where there is related to kinship ties So there is a pattern of where moving to and so it is not random Women generally gather and Men hunt Water from roots for example Brings in majority of calories It is flexible If women sees animal she will kill If a man finds fruit he will gather it There is no shame if taking on the role of the other in hunting or gathering Except for the Aka Social Organization Band level society 2050 people Not too much people or else they will strip resources nearby Sometimes the group breaks up into smaller groups because of disputes or resources Fluid marriage patterns Monogamy one man one wife Polygamyone man with multiple wives But need enough resources to take care of the whole family So it is not really practiced Brideservice economic exchange when a person gets married But depends on the culture If there are no accumulations then they offer what they do have work Man might work for her family and after about 2 years they get married There are little political organization and economic specialization Everyone is equal everyone shares and no one is greater than the other History 1820 Chaka lead the Zulu on military campaign depicted in rock art No more new art in caves anymore because pushed out into the desert Also the only Last person who did know how to do it was shot Later Europeans began arriving by sea forcing the San to the Kalahari Desert They had to give the Zulu portions of what they hunted and gathered There are figures of Europeans arriving on the cave paintings Rock Paintings and Engravings Greatest concentration is in Southern Africa Painted rockshelters always close to an alter Painted rockshelters also daily living areas Some people said the paintings were not made by San but that some Europeans went and drew it They didn t want to admit that the Kung could The paintings are made with red and white paint The only problem now is that the white paint on drawing disappears over time So now there are things that look like people s clothes and no faces Religious Context for Healing Dance The Kung believe in two gods one lesser one greater Greater god controls e spirits of the dead The ritual Healing Dance is the most significant religious ceremony Ritual healing dance Num spiritual energy Kiatrance state It is the Num that is sacred not the music or dance Person is a healer they are the only ones that can do this but do what others do as well Healer The Sans Today Political upheavals SWAPO in 1970s Forcible Resettlement Botswana government forced San into resettlement camps 19802000 Diamonds were found on traditional lands That is somewhat the reason why they relocated the Sans 2006 Botswana High court ruled San eviction unlawful and unconstitutional Only the san involved in court case 8 were allowed back Not everyone This was what the government decided because they didn t want the Sans to go back to their land Living on government handouts The right to hunt is starting to be taken away The government has limited it To farms where sans can t hunt Article will be linked on blackboard


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