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Extra Social Work notes ch.1

by: rh389814

Extra Social Work notes ch.1 SW 1000

Marketplace > Ohio University > Public Health > SW 1000 > Extra Social Work notes ch 1
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About this Document

extra notes for social work 1000
Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
Annelle Edwards
Class Notes
Social Work, social, work




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by rh389814 on Saturday January 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SW 1000 at Ohio University taught by Annelle Edwards in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare in Public Health at Ohio University.


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Date Created: 01/30/16
Social Work extra notes ch.1 Susan Dunn summary (case study): • Susan lives in suburbs has two children (Martha & Todd). Calls for help at agency  because husband, Jason, has physically abused her several times. No other place for  Susan to take her kids and herself without her husband knowing. Susan has some  injuries but she doesn’t think they need medical attention. Social worker Pamela Wright  tells Susan to call a cab and come to the shelter with her kids. They arrive and settle the kids in their rooms while Pamela takes Susan to the emergency room (she has  fractured fingers and right arm) where she makes a police report. Social work: “major profession that delivers social services in governmental and private  organizations throughout the world, social work helps people prevent or resolve  problems in psychosocial functioning, achieve life­enhancing goals, and create a just  society.” (p.4) Employment:  Often social workers are employed under different title names  Most common field of social work is child welfare  The salary for social workers are constantly increasing  Career ladder­ progression in social work field Career Ladder National Association of Social Workers (NASW)  About 150,000 people  Located in Washington D.C.  Four functions: o Development o Action o Standards o Membership services Comparing Social Work to Other Professions  Sociology o Observes society and its behaviors/beliefs o Study all groups of people o Study class structure (high, middle, low) o Research is important  Psychology o Examine individuals, their development, their mind and behaviors. o Research is important  Counseling o Help with social and emotional needs o Both social workers and counselors work with people who have  personal/family/mental illness issues  Marriage/Family therapy o Focus on relationships and solving problems within those relationships  Psychiatry o Need an M.D. (medicine) o Prescribe medications for mental illnesses (i.e. depression, anxiety)  Human Services o Completing tasks and gaining skills


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