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IUF1000 Week 4 Notes

by: Valerie Notetaker

IUF1000 Week 4 Notes IUF1000

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Valerie Notetaker
GPA 3.83

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About this Document

This is all the information of week 4 in class notes that will be on the midterm and all the quizzes.
What is the good life
Myengso Seo; Andrew Nichols
Class Notes
What is the Good Life?
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valerie Notetaker on Saturday January 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IUF1000 at University of Florida taught by Myengso Seo; Andrew Nichols in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/16
IUF1000: Week 4 Notes 01/25/2016 With Gotama His separation from Govinda - Enlightenment is an internal process - Necessity for solitude - Govinda now forges his own path Awakening Realization that Siddhartha knows nothing of himself - Resolves to “be his own student” - “rebirth” – complete renunciation of his old life - his entrance into the material world - the awakening is the resolution of all his previous experiences Kamala New recognition of the physical world Maya (illusion) - determination to live within the material world - new- course – middle path o recognition of inner thought and physical senses o listen to the “inner voice” Siddhartha’s dream - govinda/ the women - what does that mean - why has though for saken me? - then he turns into a women. the ferryman and the river. Siddhartha and the women by the stream - her attempt at seduction - his arousal - his rejection of her o listening to his inner voice o maintaining control against impulse. Kamala the courtesan - siddatha’s recation to first seeing her - his entrance into the city o cf. his earlier feelings of people in the city o “he allowed the city to suck him in” o Siddhartha never really loses his control At the barbershop- transformation Siddartha’s request to “learn from Kamala” - Cf. his previous disdain of teachers - Her “teaching” - Emphasis on materialism. Siddhartha’s goal and immersion in his new oath - His appearance of physical desire - His determination to win Kamala - The benefits of his past experiences. With the childlike people Siddhartha as a merchant- - Views business as a “game”- means a to the end o No fear of failure, no concern for great success o His reaction to increased pay and profits o The true focus of his life – love and Kamala Siddhartha as a merchant - His interest in the people, not the profit - His views of people and their “worries and problems” o Influence of his time as a Samana Kamala and Siddhartha - Ability to withdraw from the world - Love Kamala’s teaching - Similar to Gotama o How to maintain this inner solitude with out drawing from it. - Similar to Samanas o She can withdraw from the material world. The gams of Samsara – the cycle of life, death, and rebirth 20 years as a successful businessman - Inner voice fades, the senses come alive - Immersion into the material world o concern for worldly possessions and luxuries o never completely like others  at first he was not completely like them but now he is.  But he is still not like everyone else Life of debauchery – gambling, sex, drinking, etc - Riches and materialism – gambling addiction - The loss of all his previous knowledge His dream of Kamala’s song bird - Awakens in misery - The inner voice returns. Siddhartha leaves city – life behind - Kamla’s release of her song bird - Her pregnancy with Siddhartha’s child and retirement His lesson - Material and sensory excess do not lead to - Enlightenment anymore than asceticism His superiority to his ‘teachers” By the river Siddhartha contemplate suicide - Om stirs within him o The voices of the world - His rejuvenating sleep Siddhartha’s rebirth, another awakening - First awakening – ignoring the past - This awakening – accepting and recognizing the past. His epiphany - He cannot control his life’s path - He resolves to passively follow the path - The om – his spiritual rebirth His meeting with Govinda - Govinda remains a follower of Gotama o His inability to see the failure of his path  Cf. Siddhartha’s ability to see the failure of his Vasudeva the ferryman - Siddahrtha’s desire to live by the river (inner voice) o His request to be a student of the Vasudeva o His complete dedication to Vasudeva and the river. Vasudeva the teacher - Teaching without teaching - “listen to the river” o no attempts to relate his own experiences Symbolism of the ferryman - guide, intermediary. “there is no time” - the river is everywhere at once o symbolic of the oneness of the universe the river as symbolic of life - the essence never changes, physically it always does - all the voices united – om the Ferryman the path to enlightenment - recognition that there is no time - everything Is in the present Class Two: 01/27/2016 The Son Siddhartha’s son - pampered 11 years’ old - stubbornly disobedient o Siddhartha’s patient approach fails. Siddhartha truly loves for the first time - The boy brought suffering and worry to him o He prefers this to happiness without his son. Vasudeva’s advice - “Let him find his own path” - Siddhartha attempts to force his views on his son o CF. His previous belief on his teachers and instruction o Siddhartha and his own father o Shackled by love. Siddhartha’s reluctance to let him go - His pursuit of the boy to the city - His epiphany before the city o Reflections of his past life. OM Siddhartha’s pain and sadness - No longer superior to others (humanized) o Achieving unity with the world o Recognition of the oneness of the universe The river’s laughter - The reflection of his father – Significance? o The cycle of life o Recognition of both sides Siddhartha’s achieves enlightenment - The departure of Vasudeva o Similar to a divine entity o Siddhartha’s equality with Vasudeva NOTE: Can only be unified when you are not superior to everyone else. He has to be one with everything and everyone Govinda Govinda’s frustration and failures on his search - Strict adherence to the rules and teaching of Gotama - Resolves to visit the river for answers - Siddhartha’s advice - - Don’t search too hard - Searching (goal) vs. Finding (no goal) Govinda’s kiss and vision - Recognition of the oneness of the world, all existence - Sees Siddhartha with the same smile as the Buddha o Govinda’s enlightenment (?) Siddhartha as ferryman and teacher - Guides Govinda as Vasudeva guided him - Govinda becomes his equal Siddhartha Did Govinda really attain Enlightenment? Was Siddhartha special in any way? - Would enlightenment be attainable fro anyone? Inside the Mecca The Hadj (last month of the Islamic Calendar) - Pilgrimage to Mecca o One of the five Pillars of Islam o Origins – Mohammed, Abraham. THE Ka’bah - Shrine at the Great Mosque - Original structure – Adam o Rebuilt – Abraham and Ishmael - Other views: Pre – Islamic shrine The black stone - Set in the wall of the Ka’ bah by Mohammed - Ritualistic role for Pilgrims o “Given to Adam when he exiled from Paradis” o “originally white” Other elements of the Hadj - visits to holy places outside Mecca - animal sacrifice – commemorating Ibrahim (Abraham) - Shaving the head. o Makes you new. Like a rebirth.


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