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BA 1010 Greg Powell

by: Austin Hansen

BA 1010 Greg Powell BA 1010

Austin Hansen
GPA 3.5

Greg Powell

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About this Document

Here are the in-class notes for Business 1010 Greg Powell from January 25-31. We talked a lot about starting domestic businesses and doing business abroad. End of Chapter 3- Chapter 4 of "Foundatio...
Greg Powell
Class Notes
Business 1010
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Austin Hansen on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BA 1010 at Southern Utah University taught by Greg Powell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see in Business at Southern Utah University.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
SOP gt Uquot39gtW Business 1010 Greg Powell END OF CHAPTER 3 25 January 2016 Entering international business Identify Exportable Products identify key foreign markets for the products Analyze how to sell in each priority market set export prices and payment terms methods and techniques Estimate resource requirements and returns Establish overseas distribution network Determine Shipping Traf c and Document requirements Promote Sell and Be Paid Continuously analyze and adapt to market Ways to do International Business Licensing Companies make agreements to use the branded product or service through the copyrighted company with Royalty fees on sales Exporting and ImportsImport and export goods and or services to other countries Joint Venture Multiple companiesindividuals join together to do a business Less risk for international business Shared expertise price controlcompetition control if you can t beat them join them Totally owned facilities Buying and owning facilities No Leasing ownership Higher risk Expensive but good for longterm business Strategic Alliances Complementary in nature Barnes and Noble books and Starbucks Coffee Trading Companies Facilitate transferring products all around the world Wheat Hay oil etc Countertrade Trading products or services for other products or services Multinational FirmPresence in multiple nations Class NOTES Chapter 4 CHOOSING A FORM OF BUSINESS OWNERSHIP Jan 27 2016 IF YOU WANT TO START A BUSINESS GO TO SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER IN CEDAR CITY near aquatic center THEY WILL HELP YOU FOR FREE STARTING UP A BUSINESS Sole Proprietorship Business run by 1 person Advantage Easy to start Register online Get business license You are the Boss No special taxes Disadvantage Persona Risk PartnershipBusiness run by 2 or more people Advantage Easier to start up Need business License Register business oane Combined business skills and knowledge different perspectives No special taxes Disadvantage Risk is on you Need a business license Register Business Pressure from Partners Decisions have to be discussed Corporation A Company or group authorized to act as a single entity legally a person Advantages Limited liability Protection of Government Can open to Public Sell Stock Disadvantages Harder to start up Need money Many Laws and Regulations NonPro t Organization Peope donate to Organization managers are paid but GROWTH OF CORPORATIONS A Joint ventures B Mergers One Corporation purchases another acquisition Horizontal mergers Similar type companies ATampT buys Verison Vertica Mergers Different type companies often complementary to help market Conglomerate Mergers Different companies not necessarily complimentary


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