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History 1100 Week 1 Lecture Notes

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1 review
by: Brianna Carlson

History 1100 Week 1 Lecture Notes History 1100

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Columbia > History > History 1100 > History 1100 Week 1 Lecture Notes
Brianna Carlson
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

These notes cover week 1 of lecture.
Survey of American History to 1865
Cassandra Yacovazzi
Class Notes
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1 review
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"No all-nighter needed with these notes...Thank you!!!"
Novella Kshlerin PhD

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brianna Carlson on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Cassandra Yacovazzi in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Survey of American History to 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


Reviews for History 1100 Week 1 Lecture Notes

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No all-nighter needed with these notes...Thank you!!!

-Novella Kshlerin PhD


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Date Created: 01/31/16
History Worlds Collide 1/25 Native Americans, Europeans, & early colonization “Americas” – the new world The First Americans  Arrival from northeastern Asia during last ice age  Bering land bridge  Paleo-Indians o 13,000-8,000 BCE o very healthy and long lives  Climate warming  Archaic peoples o 8,000-2,500 BCE o maize (corn) o didn’t hunt large game, first farmers (women) Mesoamerica- Central America  Teotihuacan o 100-700 CE o sun pyramid (Mexico City) Mayan Aztec o influence and power by brutally conquered the people o 1400s-1500s o Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) The northern world  Southwest o Anasazi, 100 BC-1200 CE, Choco Canyon that served as dwelling spaces  Eastern Woodlands o Cahokia (St. Louis), Mound-building societies, 1200-1400 CE  Non-farming societies o Pacific coast o Great planes, not very inhabitable Native American culture  Kinship- family ties and connections, who you were loyal to, goes to woman’s family, recognized for life  Reciprocity- if you do something for someone else, they will do the same for you  Animism o Manitou- spirit life that everyone has in life o Dreams- to connect to the spiritual world, can use fasting and herbs o Sun dance  Communal control Columbus’ first voyage  Flat earth myth  Motivations: religion, wealth, prestige or pride  Santa Maria, Oct. 12, 1492  Arawak Indians  Returned to Spain with gold, cotton, exotic birds, and six kidnapped Indians  3 more voyages Conquest  In two years, half of the 250,000 Indians in Haiti dead  Encomiendas  By 1650 depopulated New Spain  Hernando Cortes & the Aztecs of Mexico o Spanish had guns, horses (by Europeans), exploited the division  New Spain  Queen Isabella forbade slavery, but declared Indians subjects of the crown, they must take in their culture From old world- disease, domestic animals, wheat coffee, sugar cane, rice From new world- corn, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, peanuts, squash, turkeys, tobacco, chocolate, vanilla 2


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