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History of Landscape Architecture, Week Three Notes

by: Tyler Walker

History of Landscape Architecture, Week Three Notes LARCH 1160

Marketplace > Clemson University > Landscape Architecture > LARCH 1160 > History of Landscape Architecture Week Three Notes
Tyler Walker
History of Landscape Architcture
Dr.Hala Nassar

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About this Document

Islam and Mughal India These notes contain all material covered in class and include ID slides with ID slide material that will be on exams and quizes.
History of Landscape Architcture
Dr.Hala Nassar
Class Notes
History of Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Mughul Gardens, India, history, islam, Agra, Kashmir, Mughal Empire, Tomb Garden, Pleasure Garden, Taj Mahal, Tomb of Akbar
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyler Walker on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to LARCH 1160 at Clemson University taught by Dr.Hala Nassar in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see History of Landscape Architcture in Landscape Architecture at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 01/31/16
History of Landscape Architecture Islam and Mughal India Environment the Mughals were in two areas of India Agra Delhi 110 miles south of Delhi on Jumna River at landscape tropical jungle like climate monsoons Vale of Kashmir within the Himalayas fertile land abundant water from melting snow protection from winds Social History in 1219 Mongols emerged in the far east and overran Asia under Genghis Khan they invaded Asia and created an empire from China to Persia one group invaded Persia settled there and adopted Islam their descendant Babur 14831530 invaded India made Agra his capital in 1526 established the Mughal Empire his grandson Akbar 15421605 expanded the empire he was a great administrator created the civil service system his son Jahangir had a passion for landscapes his grandson Shah Jahan 15931666 Son ofJahangir had a passion for Architecture built the Taj Mahal 6 Mughal emperors had a strong attraction to the region of Kashmir Feast of the Birth of Humayun the Mughals inherited the love of gardens and symbolism from the Persians the miniature shows cassic features of an Islamic garden Square water tank with fountain and channels Chabutra elevated stone platform on which the emperor sits vegetation shade trees aromatic and edible plants was gates entertainment and celebration taking place in a garden ID SLIDES Feast of the Birth of humay I 11 e E av m4 Ram Bagh Persian word meaning garden the oldest Mughal garden built by Babur c1528 on Jumna River near Agra features arge well Chadar scalloped stone ramp that carries water between two levels surface breaks smoothness of water and creates a ripplingsparkling effect stone Chabutra underneath which river owsquot water owing under Chabutra also cools the stone surface raised water channels fountains are gravity fed ID SLIDES Types of Mughal Gardens 1 Tomb Gardens commemorative landscapes that have contributed to landscape architecture the Mughals built their tombs in gardens during their lifetime and used them after they had passed after their death the tomb garden was passed to holy men and was opened to the public Concept inherited from the Mongols the tomb garden is an Islamic Garden with the tomb located at the center of the quadrapartile layout ID SLIDES 39AniMHIColleclwelltl xx StudySoupllheCHll XYI SludySoutheCul XmeontemUlicll xyjhllpslllbbtemsoni XYGmmbgardennlakb X iii in H l i amt i i l e w r i 7933 39 i t O m b a k b a r iiiApgs Tigei ne nlme ROAR ltongleDiive Mlsnn39swalkeiGm MClemsuiiGnail Dj lakhuard ltWehAssigw 39arsecrlemsoiiw iClamsumlpam I39llie Raslematm illegislialion Clenmn s A SIudySonp BOIhsrbomma39ks 5aminlndiapdl l3 Cl if B a u 314PM I M lD 3 l lll it 13112016 timid W 2 Pleasure Gardens used primarily for vacation purposes so rulers could get away from the city and relax ex Shalamar Bagh in Kashmir lsamic garden site in Kashmir was chosen byJahangir between the mountains and Lake Dal construction began during Shah Jahans rule pan consisted of three leveled and tier quadrapartile gardens used mirror symmetry encosed by walls each of the three levels had different purposes Level 1 Emperor s Public Audience Level 2 Emperor s Private Audience Level 3 Royal Women Private garden ChiniKanas water ows over the wall with holes for candles to ID SLIDES shalamar bagh Taj Mahal at quotm mmn x39lim uyl39ri xtitlniiiim whimliar ill l will millXquot Ulli n i i ll i 1 I I a i l g E If v quotmi f 39 Fifi lquot 4 7 Iiquot l l w ChiniKanas a f l l 3 in I i l ll Mughal Tomb Garden built by Shah Jahan in 163254 in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal unike earlier examples the tomb is not placed at the center because Jahan wanted to create another Taj across the river for himself Masterpiece of architecture and landscape architecture ID SLIDES taj Mahal E 1 l l ll l quotll llllllllli In uences Mughal architecture and landscape architecture was in uenced by 1 Persian Background 2 Mongol Background 3 Existing indigenous Hindu culture the Hindu character was encouraged by Akbar giving his architecture a sense of power permanence and monumentality Tomb of Akbar is of monumental scale this re ects his ideas and the in uence of Hindu culture


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