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Sexuality & Society Week 3

by: Gabriella Salinas

Sexuality & Society Week 3 SOCI 3156

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Sociology > SOCI 3156 > Sexuality Society Week 3
Gabriella Salinas
GPA 3.5
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About this Document

These notes are covering what we went over week 3.
Mindy Stombler (P)
Class Notes
Sexuality and Society





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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabriella Salinas on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 3156 at Georgia State University taught by Mindy Stombler (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see SEXUALITY AND SOCIETY in Sociology at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
Sexuality and Society January 28, 2016 Sexual Orientation Continued Queer: Sexual identity, it meant different or weird, then an insult, Taking the term back  It gets used as a catchall for everything “non-straight”  Also used in a political way: use the term as the way to reject traditional gender, sexual identities and the box of them and the herteronormaltivity of culture Everything reinforces heterosexuality  Acknowledge fluidity Terms Gay, lesbian, bisexual and more and more the term queer is taking over Social construction Crdparing 3 male subcultures cultures 3 Sexual orientation  Ancient Greeks: Same Sex Sexuality- same sex relationships among men as natural, highest form of love An older man initiating a relationship with a younger man “period of courtships” gifts, poetry the younger men had to pick the best men and they formed this emotional bond with sex involved. Not just sex but mentoring, or property passed down. When the younger man is an adult they only have a close friendship and then he initiates his own younger man to pursue. The men got married to women and have the relationships as well which weren’t love based but economically based. There were some men who had same sex with solider who would develop a bond with only a man with war. All men are assumed to have same sex -Attraction (yes), Behavior (yes) Identity (no)  Sambians: War like culture, all warrior men Women and men are depicted as being completely different and often times women are problematic and that women as worries had the potential to sap their strength (from men) Women contaminators that weaken boys and men/pollute. Men need to renew their strength, and did so via ritual. A boy can only become a man by ingesting semen- >source->through fellatio. Semen Investment: sacred very powerful, in short supply that needs to be protected and circulated. 7-10 Goodbye mom, pre-puberty, and get indicated into an all male society and learns of all kinds of secrets and sworn to not tell women. During this time they will regularly go into same sex (fellatio) that begin as being fellatiors Kids who are 13-14, 18 (jr warriors) receiving semen from adult men and giving theirs to 7-10 year olds. Flute sucking. They will marry a woman usually 20, she can be 14-15 but they live separately for a while and move in together only when he is strong enough to handle her pollution. After he has sex with her he gives himself a violent nosebleed. They find pleasure but they don’t find it erotic-> back massage. They enjoy sex with women more. Attraction (no), behavior (yes), Identity (no) Our culture sees that same sex between men is taking your masculinity away from you.  Men on the “DL ” looking at US Culture on Thursday!


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