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Spanish 1002-- Celebraciónes Vocab Notes Ch. 9

by: Logan Barnes

Spanish 1002-- Celebraciónes Vocab Notes Ch. 9 Span 1002

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Spanish > Span 1002 > Spanish 1002 Celebraci nes Vocab Notes Ch 9
Logan Barnes
GPA 4.19

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About this Document

Spanish 1002 Vocab Notes, will be on the study guide and next exam
Elementary Spanish II
Professor Carolyn Underwood
Class Notes
Spanish 1002, vocab, notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Logan Barnes on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Span 1002 at Georgia State University taught by Professor Carolyn Underwood in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish II in Spanish at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
Spanish 1002 Notes: Vocab/Gramatica Ch. 9 Vocab 1. El aniversario—anniversary 2. El dia de fiesta—holiday 3. La fiesta—party 4. El/la invidtado/a—gues 5. La Navidad—Christmas 6. La quinceañera—young woman’s 15 birthday 7. La sorpresa—surprise 8. Celebrar—to celebrate 9. Cumplir años—to have a birthday 10. Dejar una propina—to leave a tip 11. Divertirse—to have fun 12. Invitar—to invite 13. Pagar la cuenta—to pay the bill 14. Pasarlo bien/mal—to have a good/bad time 15. Regular—to give a gift 16. Reírse—to laugh 17. Relajarse—to relax 18. Sonreír—to smile 19. Sorprender—to surprise 20. La botella de vino—bottle of wine 21. Los dulces—sweets; candy 22. El helado—ice cream 23. El pastel- cake 24. El pastel de cumpleaños—birthday cake 25. Los postres—desserts 26. La etapa—stage 27. La juventud—youth 28. El nacimiento—birth 29. La vida—life 30. Jubliarse—to retire (from work) 31. Nacer—to be born 32. La niñez—childhood 33. La adolescencia—adolescence 34. La madurez—maturity; middle age 35. La vejez—old age 36. La muerte—death  37. La alegria—happiness 38. La Amistad—friendship 39. El amor—love 40. El divorcio—divorce 41. El estado civil—marital status 42. La pareja—couple; partner 43. El revién casado—newlywed 44. Casado—married 45. Divorciado—divorced 46. Juntos—together 47. Separado—separated 48. Soltero—single 49. Viudo—widowed 50. Cambiar (de)—to change 51. Casarse (con)—to get married to 52. Comprometerse (con)—to get engaged to 53. Divorciarse (de)—to get divorced from 54. Odiar—to hate 55. Romper (con)—to break up with 56. Sepeararse (de)—to separate (from) 57. Tener una cita—to have a date 58. Llevarse bien/man (con)—to get along well/poorly with 59. enamorarse (de)—to fall in love with 60. salir (con) to go out with Gramatica Saber vs Conocer  Both mean “to be”  Saber means more to know facts, things  Conocer means more to be familiar with people, places Conjugations: Saber: Yo—Sé Tú—Sabes Ud.—Sabe Nos.—Sabemos Uds.—Saben Saber PRETERITE: Yo—Supe Tú—supes Ud.—Supo Nos.—Supimos Uds.—Supieron Conocer: Yo—Conozco Tú—Conoces Ud.—Conoce Nos.—Conocemos Uds.—Conocen Conocer PRETERITE: Yo—conocí Tu—conociste Ud.—conoció Nos.—conocimos Uds.-- conocieron


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