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Intro to Ethics Class notes week 2

by: Megan Hansel

Intro to Ethics Class notes week 2 PHIL 160

Marketplace > Kansas > PHIL-Philosophy > PHIL 160 > Intro to Ethics Class notes week 2
Megan Hansel
GPA 3.78
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About this Document

Jan. 25th & 27th
Introduction to Ethics
Dorsey, Dale
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Megan Hansel on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 160 at Kansas taught by Dorsey, Dale in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Ethics in PHIL-Philosophy at Kansas.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
January 25 2016 Megan Hansel Intro to Ethics Crito Law, Ethics, Religion, and Etiquette  Action oriented  Specific normality Etiquette  How to behave on the daily o Ex: how to introduce yourself, dinner actions (no elbows on the table; using the right silverware)  Little moral significance- may have some consequences but not moral consequences Religion  People see rules or laws made by God as necessary to follow however this doesn’t have anything to do with moral o Why we should follow these religious rules?  Because God said so, or Pastor (someone with higher standard in religion) not because you were born with this right or wrong Law  Can have consequences  May conflict with what we morally think is the right thing o Slavery is an example of an immoral law Moral Philosophy  “systematic theoretical reflection on morality, on the nature of the good, the right, and on our duties to others” Dr. Lara Giordano  Positive Morality: o what truly exist; consequences on our behaviors o Moral code that runs through your brain  Moral Philosophy: o What moral should be o How we should actually act o Not how we act  Ethics: o Combination of both Positive Morality and Moral Philosophy o What we actually do Argument from Analogy  When object 1 contains A, B, and C then object 2 contains A and B then we assume object 2 also contains C January 27 2016 Intro to Ethics Megan Hansel Morality and Religion  Divine Command Theory o Morality is completely from God  What is good is only good because God says so  Entirely objective  The question of “Why should we be moral?” is unnecessary under this theory  If you aren’t moral, you will be punished (someday) 1. Morality (the right and the wrong) start with God 2. Moral correctness= done because God said so More wrongness= done against God 3. “Why should we be moral?” is answered “because God said so”  Euthyphro Dilemma o Moral right and wrongs depend on God… is this due to validity or is ethics independent of religion?  Is good actually good because God said so or because God acts in good made by others?  Problems with Divine Command Theory o How does God actually make something “good”?  If God murdered someone would that make it good? o Interpretation of God’s will be all different depending on the person  Independent Thesis 1. Ethics/morality are separate from God 2. Right and wrong aren’t all based on God and what he wants 3. There are other reasons than just God that factor into a specific action taken o So if there is a God then he acts with right moral actions o God doesn’t create the good and bad o God knows what is wrong and right so we seek him for advice  Problems with Independence Thesis o May have a problem if you believe nothing is high than God o God can do what he wants because he is ruler of all


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