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Hollywood and American Film: Lecture 2

by: asmith28

Hollywood and American Film: Lecture 2 CNPH 21400

Marketplace > Ithaca College > Film > CNPH 21400 > Hollywood and American Film Lecture 2
GPA 3.9
Hollywood and American
Andrew Utterson

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About this Document

This is a set of notes based off of a lecture given by Dr. Thomas Bohn
Hollywood and American
Andrew Utterson
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by asmith28 on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CNPH 21400 at Ithaca College taught by Andrew Utterson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Hollywood and American in Film at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
1 z t nib 39 if 3 quot eouauoi aomg Hollywood and American Film Lecture 2 Lecture 2 Notes 3 arcs occurred during the first 25 years of the film industry 18951920 1 Technoloqical Arc The 19th c Age of Invention Photography persistance of vision flexible film projection Each invention thus leads to an industry 2 39ndUStrial Arc Each became a distributor of an aspect of film CGIIQ flexible roll film projection cinematic cameras 39 Elsieoan etc could only be bought through one of these men 9 companies in all Became an effective monopoly Essentially because the industry grew so fast no one could stop it 0 Thus the MPPC is created 1 Oct 1915 supreme court ruled this illegal in United States v Motion Picture Patents Co 3 Creative arc People started to disagree with the MPPC Independent filmmakers went out west to escape the MPPC Laemmle est first major studio today Universal 3 S s Stars Studios Stories DW Griffith Creative leader of film industry Both of a Nation Intolerance Way Down East CoA Curve of Adoption drives these arcs CoA 20 years Climate of Acceptance drives Curve of Adoption gt Immigration large middle class silent film no language barrier middle class had leisure time Technology DW Griffith Born in 1875 in Kentucky to Southern Colonel His filmic career was from 19081922 1914first feature BoN First blockbuster Largest grossing silent film ofwellever Intolerance most magnificent film Sets were 300 feet tall and 1 mile in length Way Down East Lillian Gish best role grossed 72 milllion Quick view of Chapter 2 notes The Studio 1915 Carl Laemmle builds the first Hollywood megastudio complex It was the largest in the world There were several indoor and outdoor sets Now present day This essentially starts the Hollywood film era Universal Studios Laemmle worked with Irving Thalberg a young aspiring artist at Universal Thalberg and Laemmle did not see eye to eye Universal Studios clung to old programming ideals As a result they did not make features for quite some time and stuck mostly with silent films As a result Thalberg will later cocreate MGM Studios with Marcus Lowe in 1920 DW Griffith Advanced camera aesthetics Acting was still highly stylized Narratives were complex Intolerance The Studio as a system Between 19171928 600 films were released Influential Male directors of this time period to keep in mind Allan Dwan The reason you may or may not have heard of some MarShal N39ellen of these directors is because it wasn t until DW Griffith 39 Rex Ingram that directors were named in the credits 39 James sze However some of these directors produced over 100 ROIand WGSt films in theircareer Influential Female writers of the time June Mathis Most of these women were never known to the public Francis Marion as men often took credit for their work Jeanie Macphearson ie Cecil B Demille s The Cheafwas actually written by Macphearson To see the rest of the Chapter 2 Notes you can preview them here


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