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French 1 Week 1 Notes

by: cpark100

French 1 Week 1 Notes 41020

Marketplace > Ithaca College > French > 41020 > French 1 Week 1 Notes
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About this Document

Notes cover all materials learned in class in a easier and condensed version. Pronunciations are provided in some areas. Covers greetings (formal and informal), numbers, and days of the week.
French 101
Dr. Mat Fournier
Class Notes




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by cpark100 on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 41020 at Ithaca College taught by Dr. Mat Fournier in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see French 101 in French at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
French 101 Week 1 Notes Day 1 (Jan. 25) Vocabulary and Phrases - Bonjour: Hello (formal) - Salut: Hi (informal) - Monsieur: gentleman/Mr. (formal) - Madame: Mrs. (formal) - Je suis: I am - Je m’appelle: (I’m called) I am o Sometime used and translated to “my name is” o “Je suis” is the same as this - merci: Thank you - vous: you (formal) o used for someone higher in power, older, stranger o don’t use for same age even if you just met each other - tu: you (informal) o used for other students, friends, family, people younger than you - pas: not - trés: very - bien: well - Comment vous appelez-vous? : What is your name? - Comment allez-vous? : How are you? - Assez bien: somewhat good - Je vais: I am o Used for how you feel o Example: Je vais bien (I am fine) - Et: and Refer to page 6 titled “Greeting people” top half for today’s lesson Day 2 Vocabulary and Phrases - ça va?: how are you (informal) - Et toi?: and you (informal) - Tu t’appelles comment/comment tu t’appelles: what is your name - Ciao: bye - Au revoir: bye (both formal and informal) o Other ways to say good bye are on page 8 top half Pronunciation and Vowels - a [a] : pronounced “ah” - e [Ә] : eww with an oo sound combined - é [e] : eh - i [i] : ee - o [o]: oh - u [y]: oo *review exercise C on page 9 as a practice Countries that speak French - France - Canada - Afrique (Africa) - Algérie (Algeria) - Swisse (Switzerland) - Haiti - Luxembourg - Belgigue (Belgium) - Vietnam There are many other countries especially in Africa that speak French. Majority of the ones listed are common areas we know that you should remember Refer to page 8 and 9 in your textbook for today’s lesson Day 3 Vocabulary and Phrases - Je passes: I pass (teacher will call the whole class and ask questions relating to reading and if you don’t know then say je passes) - Aujour d’hui: today - Demain: tomorrow - Après: after - Avant: before - La maison: home - Le cours de français: French class - Aussi: also - Je travaille: I work - Soir: evening - La nuit: night - La semaine: week - Le semester: semester - Jour: day - Et: + (plus sign) - Font: = (equal sign) - Moin: - (minus sign) - Combien: how much/how many - Ne: don’t Numbers - On page 10 of your textbook, you will find the top half of the page with a list of numbers and how to say them in French. You must remember them - Not going to list them all, but here are some to help you pronounce the numbers in the best, closest, and easiest way possible (these are not official pronunciations terms) o Zéro (0): zeho o Un (1): ahn o Deux (2): du o Trois (3): twa o Quatre (4): cat (literally cat haha) o Cinq (5): sanke o Six (6): sease/cease o Sept (7): set o Huit (8): wheat o Neuf (9): neuf (as you see it) o Dix (10): deece o Onze (11): onze (as you see it) o Douze (12): deuce o Treize (13): twize o Quatorze (14): catorze o Quinze (15): canze o Seize (16): sehze o Vingt (20): vahng o Trente (30): traunt (like taunt with an r) - Know how to combine/do math with these numbers o Example: combien font deux et deux (how much is 2+2)  Deux et deux font quatre (2+2=4) o Example: combien font dix moins trois (how much is 10-3)  Dix moins trois font sept (10-3=7) Le jours de la semaine (the days of the week) - days of the week o Lundi: (loondi) Monday o Mardi: (Mahdi) Tuesday o Mercredi: (mehcredi) Wednesday o Jeudi: (jeoodi) Thursday o Vendredi: (vahndredi) Friday o Samedi: (samdi) Saturday o Dimanche: (deemache) Sunday - There is a difference that you must know: le lundi (or any other day of the week) means every Monday. Basically adding “le” before the day of the week, you are referring to that day every week - More vocabulary o Du….. au…….: From (what day of the week) …. To……… o Tous les jours: every day o Le matin: in the morning o L’aprés-midi: in the afternoon o Le soir: in the evening o Le week-end: on the weekend o C’est quell jour, audourd’hui?: what day is it today? In class, we also covered exercise C on page 13 Answers 1. jeudi, vendredi 2. du, au, le vendredi 3. l’aprés-midi 4. avant, après 5. le samedi 6. dimanche *review pages 10 and 12 for today’s lesson


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