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Biosc 104 Week 1 Notes

by: Shagun Gupta

Biosc 104 Week 1 Notes 104

Shagun Gupta
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General Biology

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About this Document

Notes from Tuesday and Thursday's lecture class
General Biology
Class Notes




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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Shagun Gupta on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 104 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see General Biology in Biological Sciences at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
An experiment is part of the scientific method In an experiment we collect data and this data leads us to draw conclusions For example Why is the sky blue In the conclusion of the experiment you either accept the hypothesis or you don t accept it Either you made a correct guess as to what will happen or you didn t The Tyndall Effect Light is scattered by particles of matter Theory vs hypothesis After a hypothesis has been established a couple hundred times it becomes a hypothesis Some people can t abide by it because of their own biases A theory is NOT a guess Living organisms have several features They grow and reproduce If there was no growth we would have a cell which keeps dividing and ultimately nothing of that cell would be left Reproduction in organisms is also essential because every organism is eventually going to die They respond to the environment 0 Animalsmotilemove around more obvious movement 0 Plantsnon motileless obvious Change in their appearance and genes 0 Evolution happens in every species o In huge populations we all look very different because of the difference in our genes Getting energy 0 All organisms need energy to organize matter 0 Plants can synthesize food Use energy to organize matter Are made of organic molecules Organic carbon based molecule generated by organism MOLECULAR VS UNITARY ORGANISMS Plant Kingdom groups Sporesingle cell SeedMuch bigger Multi cellular Embryo Nutrients o 90 of plants are flowering plants 0 Flowering Plants Angiosperms Dicots parts in 4s or 5s Monocots Parts in 3s Parallel veins 0 The life cycle of plants varies from plant to plant It can be annual the entire life cycle is started and over within one year Biennial life cycle is started and over within two years Perennial lives for many years 0 Tree vs shrub Trees and shrubs are both woody but differ in size I Shrubs are usually much smaller than trees I Tree one long trunk or stem I Shrubs have long shoots o Weed high rated growth reproduction rate Grow where you don t want them to ATOMS AND MOLECULES Plants are made of elements The 6 major elements in plants are carbon hydrogen oxygen phosphorus potassium and nitrogen NPK Fertilizers o NPK how much of each element is in fertilizer o VegetativeN o FruitsflowersP


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