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American History from 1865

by: Jaelee Edmond

American History from 1865 amh2020

Marketplace > Florida State University > History > amh2020 > American History from 1865
Jaelee Edmond
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Session notes. Highlighted words is professor specific
American History since 1865
Christopher Griffin
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaelee Edmond on Monday February 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to amh2020 at Florida State University taught by Christopher Griffin in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see American History since 1865 in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 02/01/16
AH Notes 1/27 Leisure in America: -In the first century of American History most Americans spent the majority of their day doing Labor -Leisure: Seen as a bad thing prior to industrialization Simon Patten: Books: 1. Theory of prosperity 1902 2. The new basis of Civilization 1910 -Normal conditions of civilization=scarcity -Thrift, self-denial, restraint -Modern society can provide for wants AND needs Baseball: -First majorly leisurely pursuit -Becomes a national pastime during the civil war -Military in camp: young guys with nothing to do, so they start playing baseball -After the war these men bring baseball to all their hometowns –becomes national Cincinnati Red Stockings, 1869: -The best ppl that play baseball so they can make a living off of it World Series: -Two best leagues begin to play st -Boston Red Sox (American League) vs Pittsburgh pirates 1 World Series Negro Leagues: -First begins: There is NO segregation -Then the 80’s and 90’s they force black players out and give them their own league -Black ppl rise from Jackie Robinsons “death ft into the major leagues” Football: -It is a Northern sport, cold weather elitist sport -started in elitist colleges -Colleges were the upper class- 99% of the students were the elitist -Upper class college sport in the North East James Naismith, 1891: -Invented Basketball -Indoor sport when their shuttered by snowstorms -Jews dominated back then > Dominated by black today Boxing: -Un-respected sport for poor urban areas -During WW1 American Units would hold boxing matches: The need for hand to hand tournaments and physical capacity is of importance in the military -Compare to baseball the way it spread -Golden Era of boxing -Women have free time too -America now begins to look at the fitness of Women Sports: -Back then women weren’t allowed to do physical sports Luna Park, Coney Island, 1903: -Began with industrialization -First amusement park -Avg daily attendance: 90,000 Dance Halls & Movie theaters


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