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FA 305 Week Three Notes

by: McKenna Laskey

FA 305 Week Three Notes 305

Marketplace > Washington State University > Fine arts > 305 > FA 305 Week Three Notes
McKenna Laskey
Greek and Roman Art History
Hallie Meradith

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About this Document

These are notes for week three. We are still learning about Augustan Portraiture. It is important to note that we have an essay due for February 8th.
Greek and Roman Art History
Hallie Meradith
Class Notes
Art, Art History, greek ad roman
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by McKenna Laskey on Monday February 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 305 at Washington State University taught by Hallie Meradith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Greek and Roman Art History in Fine arts at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 02/01/16
FA 30501 Art History of Greece and Rome Week 111 Notes 12516 Augustan Portraiture 0 Augustus of Prima Porta O Contrapposto stance O Often there were marble copies of bronze statues whereas the marble often survived better you can tell if it s a copy because it will often have supports that did not look originally there 0 Portrait of Augustus as priest Via Labicana 0 Pontifex Maximus head priest 0 If the emperor rules well then the gods will be happy 0 If the emperor rules badly the gods will be angry 0 When doing sacrifices Romans pulled their togas above their heads 0 Small scale objects 0 Onyx is a precious stone when carved into it looks sort of translucent I Known as the Augustan gem O Emperors can only be shown as divine after being deceased Monumental Architecture and Smallscale Arts from the Augustan Age 0 Augustan Rome 0 27 BCOctavian changed his name to AugustusAD 14 0 Sundial markings 0 Invention of concrete super important 0 Now they could build extremely large open buildings I Buildings made of concrete and then covered in a thin layer of marble making the city look very prestigious and expensive 0 Arches 127 16 Augustan Portraiture 0 Roman forum 0 A lot has been destroyed though time 0 Raised platform and columns suggest there was a temple portion 0 Concrete structure 0 Caryatids 0 Columns made to look like figures 0 Female version 0 Greece had a big in uence on Roman structures 0 Fortuna is the goddess of fortune 0 Temple of Mars 0 Didn t survive very well 0 We can see What it might have looked like from coins that did survive 0 Mausoleum of Augustus O Mausoleum is Where the dead are buried 0 Ara Pacis Altar of Peace O Skeletons of sacrifices would be decorated I When they were sacrificed they were dressed up and then salted often cows were sacrificed 12916 Augustan Portraiture continued 0 North Exterior Frieze I Figures in the foreground are in high relief and figures in background are in low relief the development of this way to describe space I Eyes should be moving around the scene 0 If someone s head is covered they are probably involved in a sacrifice I Use of drapery is the precursor to the halo The J uioClaudians 0 Presenting continuity 0 The Portland Vase 0 Much debate on what this piece is about 0 Made of glass to look like onyx 0 Glass is much less expensive than onyx 0 Personalized drinking vessels 0 J ulioClaudians


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