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Psyc Week One Lecture Notes

by: Khaila Coissiere

Psyc Week One Lecture Notes Psyc 2070

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Psychlogy > Psyc 2070 > Psyc Week One Lecture Notes
Khaila Coissiere
GPA 3.74

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About this Document

Exploring Human Sexuality
Intro to Human Sexuality
Dr. Elizabeth Carney Jeffress Thorsteinson
Class Notes
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Khaila Coissiere on Monday February 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 2070 at Georgia State University taught by Dr. Elizabeth Carney Jeffress Thorsteinson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Intro to Human Sexuality in Psychlogy at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 02/01/16
Exploring Human Sexuality Chapter 1 Today •  Last Class Summary of Responses •  Influence of Ancient Cultures •  Influence of Religion •  US History In Class Activity-Last Class •  Every-day terms for: •  Sex / sexual •  Female genitalia •  Male genitalia relaDons •  KiQy- Kat •  “Woah-Now” •  Shag •  Va-jay-jay •  Anaconda/python •  Choking the •  TooDe •  Twig & berries chicken •  Purse •  Ding-a-ling •  Knocking-da-boots •  Monkey •  Mandingo •  Cooking up kids •  Cooter •  Winky •  Making copies •  Taco •  Eggplant •  Rocking the boat •  Gina •  Willy Wonka •  Tossing the Salad •  Lady bits •  Lollipop •  Shacking up •  Box •  Peter •  NeKlix & Chill •  Pinky •  Pocket-Rocket •  Bumping Uglies •  Down there •  Giblets •  Deflowering •  Mushroom Dp •  Making Love Early Evolution of Human Sexuality •  EvoluDon to upright posture •  Emphasis on different body parts Western Society In?luenced • Early CivilizaDons •  Hebraic (Hebrew) •  Greek •  Roman The Hebrews (1000—200 BC ) • Hebrew Bible had explicit rules • Forbade adultery • Forbade male homosexual intercourse • Forbade incestuous relaDons • Many a]tudes carried into ChrisDanity The Greeks (1000—200 BC ) • More sexually permissive than the Hebrews • Pederasty • Male form idealized The Romans (500 BC—700 AD ) •  Permissive a]tudes toward homosexuality & bisexuality •  Marriage and sex were ways to improve economic and social standing •  Wives encouraged husbands to have slaves for sexual release India ( beginning about 400 BC ) • •  Karma – cycle of birth and rebirth •  Goal: live a just life, marry, procreate • Patriarchal social system • •  Nature of love & family •  Moral guidance in love & sex •  Sexual techniques China (beginning about 200 BC ) •  Tao – the basic unity and interdependence of the universe •  Yang: masculine, asserDve, limited e •  Sexual instrucDon and manuals common •  UDlized drugs and sexual devices Early Christianity ( bout 50 AD ) •  Jesus – liberal in thinking about sexuality and its punishment for transgressions •  Later followers (e.g., St. Paul) established the dominant Western view of condemnaDon •  Highest love is that for God •  Celibacy and chasDty idealized •  AssociaDon of sexuality with sin The Middle Ages (500AD-1400AD) Church’s influence grows • 1050-1150: sexuality was liberalized • 1215: Church began confession and penance • 1200s: Thomas Aquinas argued sex organs were for procreaDon; condemned homosexuality Islam: A New Religion (about 500 AD) • Spread across Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe • Patriarchal •  Emphasized modesty • Sex within marriage strongly encouraged Public Opinion Changes • Renaissance • ReformaDon (About 1500 AD) • Enlightenment (About 1700 AD) • Victorian Era (1800s) • Puritans (About 1600) The US (1600s-1800s) • The LiberalizaDon of Sex (1700) The US (1600s-1800s) • Slavery ( 1600s-1800) •  Female indentured servants & slaves commonly raped •  AnDmicsegenaDon laws passed •  Sexuality of minoriDes was used to oppress them •  Myth of slave promisc ity th Milestones in 19 Century US • 1820s: free love movement • 1852-1904: Mormons pracDced polygamy • Late 1800s: Medical model of sexuality •  Women ruled by their wombs; ovarectomies •  Homosexuality an illness, not a sin th Milestones in 19 Century US • Comstock Act of 1873 – prohibited mailing obscene wriDng or ads, including contracepDve informaDon and artwork containing nudity Social Hygiene Movement (began 1905) • Promiscuous husbands transmiQed STIs to wives • ProsDtuDon arrests • Sex educaDon th Sexology (early-mid 20 century) • ScienDfic pursuit to understand human sexuality • DemysDfied sex, but disliked by moral crusaders The Sexual Revolutions- 1920s The Sexual Revolutions-1960s Feminism (Early 1900s-?) • Margaret Sanger – “It is none of society’s business what a woman shall do with her body” Gay Liberation For Next Week •  No Class Monday •  Extra Credit Assignment on Bright Space Due 1/22 •  Read Ch 2


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