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Philosophy 201 Notes

by: Ayamba Eka

Philosophy 201 Notes PHIL 201

Ayamba Eka
GPA 2.6
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About this Document

These are the notes on the philosopher Aristotle for chapter 3.
Intro to Philosophy
Janice Akers-Du Bois
Class Notes




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ayamba Eka on Monday February 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 201 at University of Southern Indiana taught by Janice Akers-Du Bois in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Intro to Philosophy in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Southern Indiana.

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Date Created: 02/01/16
Philosophy 201 Notes  Aristotle on Friendship The differences between lack of self­control and animal­like behavior. ­ People who lack self­control aren’t bad Aristotle says friendships are essential to personal and communal life ­ 3 different kinds of friends  Fun  Useful  True and enduring Perfect friendship ­ Those who are good and are alike in virtue and good to themselves Bad vs Good  Aristotle on Pleasure  For the sake of pleasure or utility bad men may be friends of each other Self­essential – not essential  ­ People need friends to be happy All seek pleasure – All desire life  ­ Life is a kind of activity   A musical person by hearing melodies  A lover of learning in thinking   Topics from theoretical wisdom Pleasure deals with activity ­ Musical people take pleasure in an active kind of hearing The contemplation of theoretical truth = highest happiness  Highest happiness does not require friendship. ­ Good of family conflicts – good of the state Pleasure differs in kind from each other and is not comparable  Autonomy­ the ability to govern one’s self rather than acting out of habits or ideas instilled by  others.  Virtue­ habit­ excellence Eudemonia­ happiness Disposition­ made up of virtues­ habit­like tendency  Sher, Bennett, and Aristotle ­ All three agree in order to be good people have to be shaped and educated through  examples of good people. Human vulnerability ­ The thing that sets the stage for ethical living and thinking ­ Any other kind of life is not human life and not what a human would want The Virtue of Generosity  The Nichomachean Ethics   ­ Has to do with giving and taking things with monetary value Generosity should include three characteristics:  The person who give should not expect something in return  The person should give up something that has value to it, enough that someone  could keep  The person would give more than moral requirements or custom would leas  anyone to expect Confucius  ­ Agrees with most of Aristotle’s philosophy   He emphasizes education and training into a moral condition   Stresses the need for the governing class to know the aim of life  The Confucian “state of harmony” is similar to Aristotle idea on “proper” of feelings that are  required for virtue. 


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