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Week one of notes

by: Cameron Vine

Week one of notes LEB 320F

Cameron Vine

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About this Document

Foundations of Business Law & Ethics
Bradley Gold
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cameron Vine on Monday February 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to LEB 320F at University of Texas at Austin taught by Bradley Gold in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Business Law & Ethics in Business at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 02/01/16
Chapter 12 Notes 01/28/2016 ▯ Diversity makes good business sense  Decreases turnover  Decreases absenteeism  Helps companies avoid  expensive lawsuits  Helps companies attract and retain talented workers and diverse customers  Drives business growth  Produces higher­quality problem solving ▯ Deep Level Diversity: Attitudes  Three work related attitudes: o Job involvement  How active/involved you are in a job   How important job performance is to your self worth o Organizational Commitment  How closely you identify with organization goals  How important staying at the organization is to you o Perceived organization support  How much you believe that the organization cares about you and  values your work  ▯ Cognitive Dissonance  Assumes attitudes drive behaviors  Dissonance created by: ( disappointed in yourself ) o Inconsistency  Between attitudes  Between attitudes and behaviors  Dissonance is uncomfortable ­> people will try to reduce it  Works only with strongly held attitudes­weak attitudes don’t drive behavior  ▯ Deep level Diversity: Personality  Personality o The Unique combination of psychological characteristics (measurable traits)  that affect how a person reacts and interacts with others o Personality Determinants  Heredity  Environment  Situation ▯ Myers­Briggs Type Indicator  Most widely used personality test­assessment instrument in the world (It is  DESCRIPTED) o MBTI Personality types  Extroverted or Introverted (E or I)  Sensing or intuitive (S or N)  Thinking or feeling (T or F)  Perceiving or Judging (P or J)  Introvert­ Have quiet energy, listen more than talk  Extroverts­ Have high energy, talk more than listen, think out loud ▯  Sensing­focus on the details and the specifics, notice the small things, everything  must be super organized, in the organized business workplace sensors  often time go  into very big detail and don’t go into the big picture idea of the workplace  Intuitive­ Focus on big picture possibilities, live out of their laundry basket, just  don’t care about normal things that a sensors would care about, going to go into their  boss and tell them look at this brilliant idea I have  Thinking­Make decisions objectively, appear cool and reserved, are honest, argue or  debate issues for fun  Feeling­ decide based on values, feelings, appear warm and friendly, are diplomatic,  tactful, value harmony and compassion, take things personally, are quick to  compliment others, are motivated by appreciation, avoid arguments    Judging­make most decisions easily, are serious, pay attention to time, are prompt,  prefer to finish projects, work first, play later, want things decided, like to make and  stick to the plans, find comfort in schedules  Perceiving­ difficulty making decisions, are playful, less aware of time, run late, play first work later, question need for rules, like to keep plans flexible m want freedom to  be spontaneous  ▯ ▯ Deep level Diversity: The Big Five model  Openness to Experience  Imaginative, artistically sensitive, and intellectual  Conscientiousness  Responsible, dependable, persistent, and achievement oriented  Extraversion  Sociable, talkative, and assertive  Agreeableness  Good­natured, cooperative, and trusting  Neuroticism (Emotional Stability)  Calm, enthusiastic, and secure or tense, nervous, and insecure ▯ ▯ *External Locus of Control­ Things aren’t every their fault, less inclined to change their  behavior  ▯ *Internal Locus of Control­ much more successful in the business world, I’m in charge of my own fate, easy to manage ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯


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